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CodeElectraSkill1.png [Active]
Allows Eve to use various force fields in conjunction with combos and skills. Size/MP regeneration/knock-down rate of projectiles will change according to the selected "Mode".


Class Master Level Required SP Cost Per Level
Eve Lv. 20 20 2

Informação da Habilidade

CodeElectraSkill1A.png [Ativa] Ao usar o Espectro do Cristal de El, esse ícone na sua habilidade significará que você está com o Modo de Amplificação ativo. Com isso, todas habilidades/combos afetados pelo Espectro do Cristal de El vão gerar um campo de força que modificará o tamanho, dano, alcance e forma dos seus raios e eletrobolas.

Informação do Modo

Nível da Habilidade Nível Necessário Tamanho do Raio Tamanho
da Eletrobola
Dano do
Duração MP Consumido Cooldown
1 20 + 20% + 20% + 20% 15 Segundos 20 MP 30 Segundos
2 15.7 Segundos
3 16.4 Segundos
4 21 17.1 Segundos
5 23 17.8 Segundos
6 25 18.5 Segundos
7 27 19.2 Segundos
8 29 19.9 Segundos
9 31 20.6 Segundos
10 33 21.3 Segundos
11 35 22 Segundos
12 37 22.7 Segundos
13 39 23.4 Segundos
14 41 24.1 Segundos
15 43 24.8 Segundos
16 45 25.5 Segundos
17 47 26.2 Segundos
18 49 26.9 Segundos
19 51 27.6 Segundos
20 (M) 53 28.3 Segundos
21 -* 29 Segundos
22 29.7 Segundos
23 30.4 Segundos
24 31.1 Segundos
25 31.8 Segundos
  • Note que você só pode atingir esses níveis de habilidades por meio de Equipamentos, Acessórios e Títulos.

Skill Note

You love to analyze codes? Today we have a new code [Electra Code] for you to figure out. Let's do some research in orer to generate this unit.
-Nasod Princess Apple

Name: Dual Auto Reaction (이중 자가 반응로)

Description: Duration increased by 3 seconds. MP Consumed decrease by 10.

Tips and Details

  • All combos and skills that are affected by El Crystal Spectrum may be directed at different angles by holding up or down whilst performing the combo or using a skill (while Eve calls out the skill name).
  • If this skill is already activated, activating again allows Eve to switch to "Spectrum Mode" only when advancing to Code: Electra.
    • Eve can cycle between "Amplify and Spectrum Mode" (between 2 second cool-down intervals) until the active skill duration runs out.
      • Eve can further switch to "Induction Mode" only when advancing to Code: Battle Seraph.
      • After unlocking "Induction Mode", Eve can now switch modes even in the air. The animation of changing mode only will happen when she changes from normal to "Amplify Mode" and only has a 0.5 second cooldown interval.
  • Using the skill near enemies will cause them stun for a moment without taking damage.
  • When you use a laser or Electron Ball while in either Amplify or Spectrum mode, it's best to use it at a distance so that the effects of the El Crystal Spectrum can affect the opponent.
  • Even if the skill is interrupted, although the activation animation won't appear, the effects will still take place and skills/combos will be properly modified according to whatever mode was chosen prior to being interrupted.


  • In NA, Induction Mode is renamed to Reactive Mode.
  • This skill used to belong only to Code: Electra, but was given to her base job after the Skill Tree Revamp.
    • Although, canonically, Eve only has access to El Crystal Spectrum after she has acquired the Spectral Stone, which she only gets if she decides to use the Electra Code.