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Mad Paradox
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Full Name
Edward Grenore (Add)
Mad Paradox
Dynamos, Nasod Armor, Space-Time Distortion
Temporal Enigma
Class Tree
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Release Date
8 February 2018
7 March 2018
7 March 2018
7 March 2018
7 March 2018
8 March 2018
22 August 2018
It doesn't matter what form I take, as long as I can go back to you... Mother... Kuhuhu

Mad Paradox

[Demon of paradox, stuck in endless contradictions of Time and Space]

He can destroy the universe with his paranormal powers
far superior from technology and science.

[Mod] - Stardust Shower
Many gravitational spheres will fall dealing damage to enemies in the way.
The obsession towards the past shatters from anger and desperation, dealing massive damage to nearby enemies.
[Side Effect]
Attacking Enemies with Special Actives cast debuffs that allows the caster to deal more damage on enemies hit while increasing DP recovery.
[Acute Senses]
Increase Max MP and using MP Recovery Potions will also recover a certain amount of DP. May change form when awakening.


Add is the demon of paradox, stuck in endless contradictions of Time and Space. He can destroy time and space with his paranormal powers that far exceeds the power of technology and science.

When Add realized that it's impossible to return to the exact past that he hails from, he loses his mind from despair, and aimlessly travels around Time and Space, leaving endless destruction in his path.

Perhaps it was a fatal side effect of his aimless traveling between different parallel universes, but Add feels that his body has reached its limit. Before his body completely disintegrates, he attempts one final experiment, a forbidden experiment that will deconstruct him to a molecular level then tie his very being to the essence of Time and Space.

"With this... I'll be back in the cycle of time..."

With the experiment ending in a success, Add becomes a separate entity existing independently from the natural progression of time. The only thing that remains is his obsessive desire to return to the only past in which he felt happiness.

Third Class Advancement

Skill Tree

Skills Passives

Level 99
Master Class

Additional Commands

 : All damage values for new and preexisting commands receive a 1.15x multiplier during 3rd job.
Image Description Damage
Spatial Break Extend

After doing , kick forward with a spatial sphere.

56% Phy. Damage x4
245% Phy. Damage
306% Mag. Damage

Spatial Sphere Configure

A continuation of Time Tracer's Spatial Sphere, spatial sphere does more hits.

186% Mag. Damage (3 MP)
117% Mag. Damage x3 (8 MP)

[Nasod Armor Command]
During Dynamo Configuration Mode (Awakening),
press Z/X command to activate Armor command.
306% Mag. Damage (3 MP)


Hyper Active

Force Mod Skill

  • In addition to these new skills, Mad Paradox can also learn Force Skills.



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  • Mad Paradox is no longer a physical being. Instead, he is now an enigma in time and space with a fluctuating appearance, explaining his child-like default appearance.
    • His appearance shows parts of his body breaking away. This is reflected in the back-story that his body is reaching the limit of time travel. This is reflected more in his true form.
    • The in-game model for Mad Paradox still retains the same size, despite his child-like appearance.
    • His younger body is still affected by the time travel disease on one eye, despite him only receiving it during his time as Time Tracer.
    • The half-opened eyes he has in his portrait (with the exception of his True Form) also reflects on his default model in-game.
  • Mad Paradox's actual age is still the same as the other paths, as he shows in his true form.
  • Prior to the Korean update on November 1, 2018, going into Configuration Mode (Awakening) even in his child-like form would cause both of Mad Paradox's sclera to turn black, just like Diabolic Esper.
  • The white shard floating right next to him in his portrait seems to display his mother from one of the alternate timelines.
  • Mad Paradox has a cat hood, which has returned after the Time Tracer job.
  • Upon advancing to Mad Paradox, Add's personality takes a drastic turn from being a loud and manic class to a more subdued and nihilistic one, as shown in his new voice lines and backstory.
  • Mad Paradox and Herrscher are the only two 3rd job characters that aren't physical beings.
  • Mad Paradox's Job Change Item, Mad Paradox's Shattered Flask, might refer to the flask of poison from the Schrödinger's cat experiment.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
South Korea 매드 패러독스 Mad Paradox
Japan マッドパラドックス Mad Paradox
Taiwan (Traditional Chinese) 反逆之理 Reversing Theory
China (Simplified Chinese) 轮回迷途者 Reincarnation Strayer
Germany Paradoxon Paradox
Spain Paradoja Paradox
France Paradoxe Paradox
Italy Paradox
Poland Paradoks Paradox
United Kingdom Paradox
Brazil Paradoxo Insano Insane Paradox