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Father of Nasods
Adrian Nasod.png
Name Adrian Nasod
Race Human
Role Father of Nasods
Location Adrian's Palace, Nasod Testing Chamber
I thought it would be possible to overcome the strength of humans who relied on the power of the El Lady...

~ Adrian Nasod

Adrian Nasod


A genius Debrian who managed to give sentience to machines. The machines that he created were named after him, "Nasods". His quest to achieve greatness beyond god lead him to create Elysion and he has been working in and out of sleep for generations afterwards. He tried to take the El Lady's power for himself, enraging Solace, causing him to erect a barrier around Adrian's palace.


Rise of Nasods

About 550 years after the birth of the Elrian Kingdom, Adrian was a Debrian who sought to create sentient machines. While initially he was mocked by everybody around him believing his ideas were ridiculous and impossible, Adrian soon proved them wrong when he was able to build his first automaton. Immediately after Adrian unveiled his first automaton, people began to think of ways their could make use of the robots. People began naming the machines after their creator Adrian Nasod, from then on they were known as "Nasods". Adrian began to construct Nasods to aid people with their daily lives, completing menial tasks. However soon the King and other people of power began to enlist Adrian to construct specialized Nasods to build up an army. With the King's sponsorship, Adrian agreed to further his research with the kingdom's funding. Needing assistance in the manufacturing of Nasods and need to negate any human error, Adrian constructed an AI designed to help him do so, he named this AI "Adam".

After having constructed Adam, he alongside his AI manufactured countless Nasods. However, Adrian would receive a series of complaints regarding Nasods shutting down at what appears to be random. Adrian confronted Adam about this situation to see if anybody had tampered with the Nasods' coding. He was shocked to learn that Adam had taken the liberty of installing a remotely controlled update system which allowed him shut down and update any Nasods with the modified code. Adrian became enraged at Adam's for modifying to code without consulting him first. Adrian urged Adam not to do such a thing again however the AI told him that the changes were a necessary step in advancing the efficiency of Nasods. Adrian is left concerned about what this could lead to.

Nasod Queen Eve

Onward, Adam did not fall out of line to the point Adrian's worries had subsided. However, Adrian still found it best he prepare a form of countermeasure to prevent another outburst from going too far. He concluded that he needed to create a Nasod capable of understanding human emotions unlike Adam who strives for efficiency. Unfortunately, Adrian realized his plans would be compromised and questioned if Adam were to realize he made a Nasod that went against his ideal standards. In order to allow himself to develop this new Nasod without arousing Adam's suspicion, Adrian decided to modify Adam's code during maintenance to make him believe he proposed to idea of this new Nasod. Successful with his plan, Adam allowed Adrian to continue with his secret project "Eve".

He would conduct many trials to produce a Nasod with the ability to understand human emotions. Unable to program such a Nasod that could understand all the complexities of human emotions, Adrian rooted the Nasod with an understanding of basic human emotions as well as the ability to learn and grow. Adrian believed it would take a long time before she would be able to fulfill her duty, but it was necessary to let her grow and not to arouse Adam's suspicion. He installed the code into Eve's chassis and she soon woke up, greeting Adrian. Adrian overjoyed to see his creation he quietly grabbed her hand, for a brief second he could see a smile on her face. He held Eve's hand as they made their way to Adam's chamber where he would place Eve as Adam's code backup.

Adrian was very satisfied as Eve's curiosity when conducting her work showing that she learning and growing. After a malfunction occurred in some anti-gravity devices while building the City in the Sky, Adrian confronted Adam and Eve. There Adam informed Adrian that Eve had made mistakes in implementing certain codes which caused the disaster. While Adrian showed concern in his face, he felt joy as Eve was showing signs of her human like nature. After telling Adam he would perform maintenance on Eve, he took her to his lab but told Eve that she had done nothing wrong. Eve expressed her own concerns and worries that her functions were not like other Nasods, Adrian hesitated as the outburst of emotions from Eve caused his to pause for a moment. He tells Eve that she is the one who will inherit the right to create the future generations of Nasods by understanding and connection humans, that she will be the Queen of Nasods.

Building Elysion

In time he along with other Debrians began to see themselves as higher than the King and Elrian which ruled over them, they believed they could surpass the power of El with the power of science and surpass the goddess's. With their scientific discoveries, Adrian and the Debrians planned to leave Elrios and establish their own colony. Opening a gate into another dimension, they made their way and would find themselves in what would eventually be Elysion. There Adrian built Herjuno a Nasod who would be the lead architect in building Elysion. Limited by his mortal body, Adrian and other Debrians would spend hundreds of years in a suspended hibernation and would occasionally check up and guide Nasods' accomplishments.

Solace and the El Lady

One day, Solace arrived to Elysion with the El Lady, he helped protect the city against a meteor storm that was occuring. Adrian and Herjuno greeted Solace but Herjuno began to have bad feelings about Solace. Urging Adrian about his concerns, Adrian ignored Herjuno's pleas due to fascination in the El Lady. When he saw the El Lady, he felt powers beyond what he could believe, he become overwhelmed with a desire to learn more about her powers. He believed he could understand her power and make not only Elysion, but Elrios a paradise for both Debrians and Nasods. Herjuno continued to insist his concerns about Solace to the point where Adrian began to believe he was malfunctioned and planned to replace him with Herbaon. Solace asked for a hibernation pod for both the El Lady and himself, Adrian happily provided his the hibernation pods as well as residency underneath Adrian's Palace. While the El Lady and Solace were in his palace, Adrian plotted to wire the El Lady's hibernation capsule so he could gradually take control of it for himself. Unfortunately, Solace realized his plans, enraged, Solace set up barriers which prevented any signals from going in or out of the palace. Unable to continue with his plot, Adrian returned into hibernation.

Chapter 24: Find Solace's Fortress

The El Search Party were able to reason with Herbaon, there he revealed that Adrian was slumbering in his hibernation capsule. That he was limited by his human body and slept for generations at a time so he could work alongside and see his creations develop. With the help of Eve, Herbaon was able to prematurely halt Adrian's slumber, waking him up. He was surprised to be waken up early and even more so that Eve was in front of him, a cherished creation he believed was destroyed during the Nasod War. After Eve and the El Search Party explain to Adrian their situation, he feels regret both towards his neglect for Herjuno as well as his blind greed to surpass the goddess. He tells the El Search Party everything about what had happened to Elysion leading up to this point however even he was not certain of Solace's true intentions. However, with Solace having commandeered Elysion's central power source, Adrian became gravely concerned that what he's doing will not only affects Elysion but all of Elrios as well. Her apologizes to Herbaon for putting him through all of this. He regretfully asks the El Search Party to stop Solace, that they're the only ones who can.

Chapter 25: The Dark Flame Sun

Having told the El Search Party all that he could, he urged that they are the only ones capable of stopping Solace. Adrian points the El Search Party to a secret path that he believes will be their best chance of slipping by Solace's army and infiltrating Solace's Fortress. Herbaon pleas Adrian to allow him to help stop Solace which he agrees. Soon after having done all that he could to help them out, he returned to his capsule to continue his slumber till it is once again time for him to awake.



  • Adrian becomes the mentor to Eve and Add during the Master Class update, possessing the most knowledge on Nasods, having created them in the first place, and technology in general.
  • Due to Adrian not actually being affiliated with the El, his Master Class sigil is the only one to not include a diamond in the center.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 아드리안 Adrian Nasod
Spanish Flag.png Spain Adrián Adrian

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