Penetrating Bullet

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PenetratingBullet.png [Special Active: Bravery] Aim the musket ahead and fire a powerful bullet enhanced with Nasod technology. (Can also be activated midair)
The bullet will pierce through enemies and deliver a powerful attack.
Over Strike
  • Upon activating Over Strike, skill attack power increases.
Final Enhanced Skill
  • Ignore 50% (25% in PvP) of the hit enemy's defense.


Class Level Required
Freyja 55

Skill Information


Level Required Enhanced Bullet (Magical) Defense Ignore MP Usage Cooldown
55 5790% N/A 300 MP 22 Seconds
[Enhanced] 50%


Level Required Enhanced Bullet (Magical) Defense Ignore
55 1980% N/A
[Enhanced] 25%

Skill Traits

Gigantic Penetrating Bullet Heavy Penetrating Bullet
Attribute Effect Attribute Effect Cooldown
Skill size increased to 130% Damage increased to 144%
Cooldown increased to 120%
26.4 Seconds

Total Damage

Mode Regular Musket Master/Key of Proof Used midair
Normal Over Strike Normal Over Strike
Normal Heavy Normal Heavy Normal Heavy Normal Heavy
PvE 5,790% 8,337.6% 6,948% 10,005.12% 9,032.4% 13,006.66% 10,838.88% 15,607.99%
PvP 1,980% 2,851.2% 2,376% 3,421.44% 2,395.8% 3,449.95% 2,874.96% 4,139.94%

Related Skills

FYPassive2.png Key of Proof GrenadeEnhancement.png Enhanced Grenades MusketMaster.png Musket Master

Tips and Details

  • The laser beam that occurs when casting the skill is merely for visual effect and has no practical purpose.
  • The fired bullet does not curve.
  • Due to its massive horizontal range and great MP generation on hit, it's not uncommon for it to refund a majority, if not all, of its own MP cost.
  • This skill provides a very significant period of invincibility frames.


  • The skill is likely based on the otherwise missing fourth bullet type previously available to DFO's Female Spitfire, Armor-piercing Bullets, before it was removed like Freezing and Blazing Bullet were.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 페넛레이팅 뷸렛 Penetrating Bullet

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