Awakened Will: Freyja

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Increase all speed and damage reduction permanently. Using all loaded grenades will increase Magical Attack Power. Holding down any Grenade skill key will throw all grenades at once while ignoring the range.
Grenade Skills


Class Level Required
Freyja: Transcendent 70

Skill Information

Skill Level Level Required All Speeds Increase
This effect is normalized
to your current stats. 
Received Damage
This effect is normalized
to your current stats. 
 Self BuffAwakened Will: FreyjaSelf BuffAwakened Will: Freyja
(Upon Throwing All Loaded Grenades of One Type)
Magical Attack Increase Max Stacks Duration
1 70 8% 20% 10% 3 30 Seconds
1 70 8% 10% 5% 3 30 Seconds

Tips and Details


  • While an Elsword-original effect, the ability to quickly throw all loaded grenades was later added to DFO as well, in the form of Open Fire.


Date Changes
08/25/2016 09/28/2016
  • Awakened Will: Freyja added.
09/08/2016 -
  • Natural MP Recovery decreased.
10/13/2016 11/23/2016
  • Fixed issue where MP recovery rate increase effect didn't work when reviving while grenades are loaded.
04/27/2017 05/10/2017
  • None
  • Natural MP Recovery decreased.
08/01/2019 08/28/2019
  • Removed feature that increases MP Recovery Rate and Damage when possessing loaded grenade skills.
  • Added feature to increase Magical Damage when consuming all loaded grenades.
  • Buff Duration increased.
01/28/2021 02/24/2021
  • Cooldown Penalty when throwing all grenades at once removed.
05/27/2021 06/23/2021
  • All Speed Increase increased.
  • Damage Reduction effect will apply regardless of using Servo Nitro.
  • Magical Attack Increase increased.
  • Damage Reduction Increase decreased.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
South Korea 해방된 의지 : 프레이야 Liberated Will: Freyja
China (Simplified Chinese) 解放的意志:弗雷亚 Liberated Will: Freyja
Germany Befreiter Wille: Freya Liberated Will: Freyja
Spain Voluntad Liberada: Freya Liberated Will: Freyja
France Volonté déchaînée : Freyja Unleashed Will: Freyja
Italy Volontà liberata: Freya Liberated Will: Freyja
Poland Uwolniona Wola: Freya Liberated Will: Freyja
United Kingdom Freed Will: Freyja
Brazil Transcender: Freya Transcend: Freyja