Queen's Potential

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Enhance self by decoding a pile of encrypted codes.
All skills' magical damage will be converted to physical damage.

Summoned units will beckon to the Queen's Call. When summoned units are active, [Queen's Call] skill will cause the corresponding summoned unit to activate the skill as well. (Summoned units will only deal a part of the skill damage from the Queen.)


Class Level Required
Code: Architecture 15

Skill Information

Skill Level Level Required Electron Ball
MP Usage Decrease
Max MP Increase Physical Attack Increase [Queen's Call] Skill Damage
1 15 10% 80 MP 9% 30% of original skill damage
2 31 15% 11%
3 39 20% 100 MP 13%
4 83 30% 15%
1 15 10% 80 MP 3.6% 30% of original skill damage
2 31 15% 4.4%
3 39 20% 100 MP 5.2%
4 83 30% 6%

Affected Commands


Related Skills

[Queen's Call] Skills

Tips and Details


Date Changes
08/06/2009 11/23/2011
  • Queen's Potential added.
04/21/2016 05/18/2016
  • Max MP Increase increased.
04/27/2017 05/10/2017
  • Max MP Increase scaling changed.
06/20/2019 07/17/2019
  • Max MP Increase decreased.
  • Physical Attack Increase effect added.
  • Added an effect that changes all magical skills to physical skills.
04/25/2024 05/22/2024
  • Skill features changed.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
South Korea 여왕의 잠재력 Queen's Potential
Japan ソニアマイト Sonar Might
Taiwan (Traditional Chinese) 女王的潛力 Queen's Potential
China (Simplified Chinese) 女王的潜力 Queen's Potential
Germany Präsenz der Königin Queen's Presence
Spain Presencia de la reina Queen's Presence
France Présence de la reine Queen's Presence
Italy Presenza della Regina Queen's Presence
Poland Obecność Królowej Queen's Presence
United Kingdom The Queen's Presence
Brazil Potencial da Rainha Queen's Potential