Genocide Ripper

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CASActive3.png [Special Active: Bravery] Summons Oberon to dig the space and consecutively attack the enemies.
Core Activation Skill
  • Successful attack made during Awakening will activate the Core Attack.
Final Enhanced Skill
  • Prevent enemies from dashing for 5 second.


Class Level Required
Code: Empress 35

Skill Information


Level Required Damage (Physical) Slow Duration Max Hits MP Usage Cooldown
Slash Shockwave
35 329% N/A 12 4~12 300MP 23 Seconds
[Enhanced] 5 Seconds


Level Required Damage (Physical)
35 131%

Skill Traits


Reversed Genocide Ripper Heavy Genocide Ripper
Attribute Effect Details Attribute Effect Details
MP Usage Cooldown Damage Cooldown
MP Usage decreased to 60%
Cooldown increased to 150%
180 MP 34.5 Seconds Damage increased to 140%
Cooldown increased to 150%
460.6% 34.5 Seconds


Heavy Genocide Ripper


  • 11/07/2013 (KR)
    • Damage increased.
    • Every target inside the area receive designated hits.
  • 11/14/2013 (KR)
    • Abnormal high damage fixed
    • Hit effect bug fixed.
    • Error for MP regained per hit fixed.
  • 05/29/2014 (KR)
  • 08/20/2015 (KR)
    • Skill redesigned to attack large area in front and behind the character.
  • 08/27/2015 (KR)
    • Damage on each hit adjusted. Skill's total damage doesn't change.
  • 10/29/2015 (KR) / 03/16/2016 (NA)
    • "Enhanced" attribute changed to "Empowered".
    • Locations of "Reversed" and "Empowered" swapped.
  • 02/04/2016 (KR)
    • Fixed issue where summons not coming out in certain situations.
  • 04/21/2016 (KR) / 05/18/2016 (NA)
    • Cast Speed increased.
    • Cast Shockwave faster.
    • "Reversed" attribute effect increased.
    • "Empowered" attribute changed to "Heavy".
  • 08/11/2016 (KR)
    • Tooltip error fixed.
  • 01/25/2017 (KR)
    • Consecutive Attack/Shockwave's damage is same now.
  • 04/27/2017 (KR)
    • Damage decreased.
  • 07/27/2017 KR
    • Damage increased.
    • Motion cancel time after casting decreased.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 제노사이드 리퍼 Genocide Ripper
Japanese Flag.png Japan ジェノサイドリッパー Genocide Ripper
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified Chinese) 杀阵命令 Killing-array Command
French Flag.png France Entaille mortelle Mortal Gash

Code: Empress Skills
Hyper Active
CT1.png Code: Thunderbolt
Special Active
CASActive3.png Genocide Ripper     SI Assaultspear.png Assault Spear - Buster     CASActive2.png Space Wrench     CMA1.png Electronic Field
Tesla Shock.png Tesla Shock : Swing     CMSA1.png Spitfire
CAPassive1.png Queen's Authority     CEmPassive2.png Queen's Blessing     SI Chargingbooster.png Nasod Recharge