Genocide Ripper

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CASActive3.png [Special Active: Bravery]
Summons Oberon to dig the space and consecutively attack the enemy.
Core Activation Skill
  • Successful attack made during Awakening will activate the Core Attack.
Final Enhanced Skill
  • Damage is increased by 1.2 times.


Class Level Required
Code: Empress 35

Skill Information

Mode Consecutive Attack (Physical) Max Hits MP Usage Cooldown
Slash Shockwave
PvE 485% 11 12 300 MP 23 Seconds
PvP 157%
PvE 582% 11 12 300 MP 23 Seconds
PvP 187%

Skill Traits

Critical Genocide RipperHeavy Genocide Ripper
Attribute EffectMP UsageAttribute EffectCooldown
MP Usage increased to 110%
Skill will ignore 50% defense (25% defense in PvP)
330 MPDamage increased to 144%
Cooldown increased to 120%
27.6 Seconds

Total Damage

Exclamation.png : Damage values may not be reflected in Free Training.
ModeBaseQueen's Authority
  • Average assumes 4 hits of Consecutive Attack (Shockwave).

Related Skills

Tips and Details

  • The Slash portion will deal an extra hit in Free Training.
  • There is a glitch where if you start moving during the attack animation while Awakened, you will not lose your summon count after the skill ends. This persists until the skill is used again, even after Awakening ends.
  • The Slash attacks have a light suction that pulls enemies towards Eve. The Shockwave portion pushes enemies along the attack path, away from Eve.

Old Version

Video Description
Between its initial release and the 08/20/2015 KR Patch, Genocide Ripper did not have an ending shockwave and did significantly more hits in Awakening Mode that could inflict splash damage.


Date Changes
02/19/2009 11/23/2011
  • Genocide Ripper added.
11/07/2013 02/12/2014
  • Damage increased.
  • Every target inside the area receive designated hits.
11/14/2013 -
  • Abnormal high damage fixed.
  • Hit effect bug fixed.
  • Error for MP regained per hit fixed.
05/29/2014 09/17/2014
  • Cast time after initial attack effect decreased.
  • Cooldown increased.
08/20/2015 01/27/2016
  • Skill redesigned to attack large area in front and behind the character.
08/27/2015 -
  • Damage on each hit adjusted. Skill's total damage doesn't change.
10/29/2015 03/16/2016
  • Enhanced trait changed to Empowered.
  • Locations of "Reversed" and "Empowered" swapped.
02/04/2016 03/16/2016
  • Fixed issue where summons not coming out in certain situations.
04/21/2016 05/18/2016
  • Cast Speed increased.
  • Cast Shockwave faster.
  • "Reversed" attribute effect increased.
  • Empowered trait changed to Heavy.
08/11/2016 09/28/2016
  • Tooltip error fixed.
01/25/2017 02/08/2017
  • Shcokwave damage increased to be the same as Consecutive Attack.
04/27/2017 05/10/2017
  • Damage decreased.
07/27/2017 08/09/2017
  • Damage increased.
  • Motion cancel time after casting decreased.
04/05/2018 04/18/2018
  • Damage increased.
09/01/2022 07/28/2022
  • Reversed trait changed to Critical.
01/05/2023 02/01/2023
  • [Final Enhanced] effect adjusted:
    • "Prevent enemies from dashing for 5 second" changed to "Damage is increased by 1.2 times".

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 제노사이드 리퍼 Genocide Ripper
Japanese Flag.png Japan ジェノサイドリッパー Genocide Ripper
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified Chinese) 杀阵命令 Killing-array Command
German Flag.png Germany Tödlicher Schnitt Deadly Cut
Spanish Flag.png Spain Corte letal Deadly Cut
French Flag.png France Entaille mortelle Deadly Cut
Italian Flag.png Italy Taglio Letale Deadly Cut
Polish Flag.png Poland Śmiercionośne Cięcie Deadly Cut
Brazil Flag.png Brazil Retalhar Shred