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Mini Icon - Radiant Soul.png Radiant Soul
Portrait - Radiant Soul.png
Full Name
Mini Icon - Radiant Soul.png Radiant Soul
, Punches/Kicks
Class Tree
Icon - Laby.png > Icon - Twinkle Child.png > Icon - Shining Romantica.png > Icon - Shining Romantica (Trans).png > Icon - Radiant Soul.png
Release Date
Korean Flag.png 27 December 2018
Japanese Flag.png 30 January 2019
Chinese Flag.png 30 January 2019
American Flag.png 30 January 2019
Thailand Flag.png 30 January 2019
Taiwanese Flag.png 31 January 2019
European Union Flag.png 31 July 2019
Master Class Release Date
Korean Flag.png 19 December 2019
UI - Magical Class.png
Laby and Nisha will help! So, everyone can be happy!

Icon - Radiant Soul.png Radiant Soul[edit]

[A soul that shines radiantly]

Become a radiant soul
by understanding and accepting
Nisha's sadness.

ShiningRomanticaSkill7.png[It's Windy]
Summon a fierce wind to blow the enemies away.
The shining light from accepting Nisha's sadness will make Laby even more radiant.
RadiantSoulPassive1.png[Understanding You]
Completely understand and accept Nisha. Combine powers to deliver an even more powerful attack.
RadiantSoulPassive2.png[Step Forward]
Now that Nisha and Laby are closer, [Hello Nisha], [Hello Laby] will have an additional effect.


Laby has been troubled ever since she'd realized the truth about Nisha. Laby promised that she would never forsake the bond with Nisha anymore. But, what will happen if she truly accepts Nisha? Even though they may have started as one, Nisha and Laby were now two separate entities. Laby was worried that when "Laby"and "Nisha" become one, that person will become something – someone… not "Laby", not "Nisha", but someone completely different.

Laby finally decides... If she still understands Nisha, and Nisha understands Laby, then maybe they don't need to become one. Nisha can still be Nisha, Laby can be Laby, and they can be together forever.

Nisha transforms, to share emotion with Laby. They will stay together, forever… Until the day all light fades to nothing.

Third Class Advancement[edit]

Skill Tree[edit]

Skills Passives

LockCover.png RadiantSoulHyper.png

Blank.png RadiantSoulPassive1.png RadiantSoulPassive2.png Level 99
Overlay - Gaia Sigil.png Master Class

LockCover.png LumenTellusStage2.png

LockCover.png LumenTellusStage3.png

LockCover.png LumenTellusStage4.png

Additional Combos[edit]

Exclamation.png : All damage values for new and preexisting combos receive a 1.15x multiplier during 3rd job.
Image Description Damage
U.pngX.pngZ.pngZ.pngX.png Candy Punch

After diving down, perform two high-hitstun punches before launching forward 3 candy-shaped projectiles. The final candy launches enemies away.

X.png 140% Phy. Damage x1~3 + 267% Phy. Damage
Z.png 161% Mag. Damage
Z.png 192% Mag. Damage
X.png 188% Mag. Damage x2 + 430% Mag. Damage

DRU.pngZ.pngX.pngX.png Diving Twirl

After doing a single punch in the air, dive down together with Nisha before spinning Nisha around you to deal damage to nearby enemies.

Z.png 183% Phy. Damage
X.png 306% Mag. Damage + 153% Mag. Damage x2
X.png 114% Mag. Damage x3


Hyper Active[edit]

Force Mod Skill[edit]


  • In addition to these new skills, Radiant Soul can also learn Force Skills.

Overlay - Gaia Sigil.png Master Class[edit]

Master Class Advancement[edit]

After unlocking 3rd Job, upon reaching Rigomor, you will be able to unlock the Master Class. To receive the quest, click on the notification located below the map select.
Master Class can also be obtained by using the Cash Shop item: Mark of Awakening (Radiant Soul) Job Change - Radiant Soul (Master).png.

  1. Clear any Rigomor dungeon 5 times.
  2. Collect 20 Apparitions of Will from any Boss in Rigomor region dungeons.
  3. Clear any Master Road dungeon (Normal/Hell) once.
  4. Collect 10 Origin Artifacts from any Master Road dungeon (Normal/Hell).
  5. Clear any Master Road dungeon (Normal/Hell) 5 times.


Lumen Tellus[edit]


Full Gallery: Laby/Gallery




  • Radiant Soul follows the reveal of what Nisha is during Distorted Memory Gap and her reflecting on the fact in Forgotten Elrian Sanctum. Following the main story, she decides that instead of becoming one entity again, they will both work together to share their sadness and happiness with each other.
    • Nisha as Radiant Soul drastically changes to a radiant light to reflect that she is able to accept Laby's happiness.
  • Unlike both Twinkle Child and Shining Romantica, the bright blue flower bud that's been on Laby's chest since her base job is no longer present in this advancement.
    • It is possible that the power contained in the flower bud is now contained in the similarly shaped brooch near her chest that provides the icon for this class's advancement item in the Item Mall, the Oath of Friendship.
  • The promotional outfit's stockings bear the same petal design that occurs when using any [Need Help, Laby?] skill after using I'm Helping!.

Alternative Names[edit]

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 라디언트 소울 Radiant Soul
Japanese Flag.png Japan ラディアントソウル Radiant Soul
Taiwanese Flag.png Taiwan (Traditional Chinese) 燦光靈者 Brilliant Soul
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified Chinese) 星耀魂灵者 Starly Soul
German Flag.png Germany Seelenlicht Soul's Light
Spanish Flag.png Spain Alma radiante Radiant Soul
French Flag.png France Lumièle Mellow Light
Possible portmanteau of
LumièreFrench for Light
MielFrench for Honey
MieleItalian for Honey, Sweetness
Italian Flag.png Italy Anima raggiante Radiant Soul
Polish Flag.png Poland Promienista Dusza Radiant Soul
Bresil Flag.png Brazil Alma Radiante Radiant Soul