Servo Nitro

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ValSkill09.png [Buff] Strengthens the efficiency of Nitro Motor for a set duration, enhancing battle capabilities and providing a battle advantage while in the air.
Servo Nitro
  • Aerial Movement charges increased.
  • Aerial Movement movement speed increased.
  • Gain an advantage when attacking while in the air.
ECP Using Skill
  • Consumes ECP instead of MP.
  • Upon activating Over Strike, skill cannot be used.
Final Enhanced Skill
  • MP gain when hitting or hit in the air increased by 7.5%.


Class Level Required
Valkyrie 40

Skill Information

Mode Servo Nitro Veteran Combat
(On the ground)
Advantage in the Air
(In midair)
Duration ECP Usage Cooldown
Aerial Movement
Charge Increase
Aerial Movement
Movement Speed Increase
Critical Rate Increase Critical Damage Increase Critical Rate Increase Critical Damage Increase MP Gain Increase
PvE 2 10% 10% 10% 15% 15% N/A 30 Seconds 35 ECP 15 Seconds
PvP 1 5% 5% 5% 7.5% 7.5% 15 Seconds
PvE 2 10% 10% 10% 15% 15% 7.5% 30 Seconds 35 ECP 15 Seconds
PvP 1 5% 5% 5% 7.5% 7.5% 15 Seconds

Skill Traits

Mode Killing Blow (1) Servo Nitro Light Servo Nitro
Attribute Effect Duration Attribute Effect ECP Usage
PvE Skill effect's duration increased to 150% 45 Seconds ECP Usage decreased to 80% 28 ECP
PvP 22.5 Seconds

Related Skills

FYTrans4.png Awakened Will: Freyja

Tips and Details


  • The skill is based on DFO's now deleted Female Spitfire skill Servo Nitro, though it grants far more bonuses than simply allowing for more Nitro Motor charges.


Date Changes
02/18/2016 07/13/2016
  • Servo Nitro added.
06/30/2016 07/13/2016
  • Aerial Movement Charge Increase decreased.
  • Aerial Movement Movement Speed Increase decreased.
  • None
  • Aerial Movement Charge Increase in halved.
07/28/2016 -
  • Tooltip error fixed.
11/16/2016 -
  • Fixed issue where Aerial Movement Charge not work after using UU.png.
09/28/2017 10/18/2017
  • None
  • Duration decreased.
  • Movement Speed decreased.
  • Critical Rate Increase decreased.
  • Additional Damage decreased.
11/02/2017 11/15/2017
  • Light trait effectiveness decreased.
04/25/2019 05/22/2019
  • MP Gain Increase decreased.
08/14/2019 08/28/2019
  • ECP Usage increased.
  • Additional Damage Increase changed to Critical Damage Increase.
  • Added feature to increase Critical Rate and Critical Damage while on the ground.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 서보니트로 Servo Nitro
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified Chinese) 推进器改良 Thruster Reform
German Flag.png Germany Nitrozündung Nitro Ignition
Spanish Flag.png Spain Nitroignición Nitro Ignition
French Flag.png France Nitroglycérine Nitroglycerin
Italian Flag.png Italy Innesco nitrico Nitro Fuze
Polish Flag.png Poland Nitropodpalenie Nitro Arson
English Flag.png United Kingdom Nitro Ignition
Bresil Flag.png Brazil Turbo Nitro

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