Czarodziejka z Oz

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Oz Sorcerer
Full Name
Aisha Landar
Oz Sorcerer
Staff, Dark Magic, Angkor
Class Tree
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Release Date
28 December 2017
7 February 2018
7 February 2018
7 February 2018
7 February 2018
8 February 2018
25 July 2018
You can't escape from my dark powers!

Oz Sorcerer

[The great dark mage, using the essence of dark magic itself.]

True Master of Dark Magic, acknowledged even by Angkor.
Angkor can be summoned closer to his true form,
helping Aisha reach the pinnacle of dark magic.

[Mod] - Plasma Cutter
Can control the angles and duration of plasma.
[Oz Plasma Blast]
Summon Angkor in his true form. Cause a great destruction with Angkor on your side.
[Oz's Dream]
Angkor Skills are enhanced. Destruction and annihilation!
[Oz's Power]
Oz Sorcerer brings despair to her enemies with overwhelming dark magic. Bravery Skill damage increases, and Deathly Shadow effects also applies to Special Active Skills.


True Master of Dark Magic, acknowledged even by Angkor.

With an even deeper understanding of dark magic, Aisha leads her enemies to ruin.

Aisha's contract with Angkor was unconventional, in which she was required to wear clothes recommended by Angkor and carry around Petite Angkor. However, Aisha was able to claim the dark magic provided to her through their contract as her own with her innate talent and great control over magic. Acknowledging her great potential and power, Angkor proposes another contract, allowing Aisha to use the essence of darkness that composes his body.

"I will invite you to another world of darkness. And this time! Try this outfit!!"

With this new contract, Angkor can be summoned closer to his true form, helping Aisha to reach the pinnacle of dark magic.

Third Class Advancement

Skill Tree

Skills Passives

Level 99
Master Class

Additional Commands

 : All damage values for new and preexisting commands receive a 1.15x multiplier during 3rd job.
Image Description Damage
Dark Rolling

After doing , spin forwards in a rolling dive until you hit the ground before performing a quick magic circle burst.

  • Super armor during the second .

222% Mag. Damage
26% Mag. Damage x3~infinite
+96% Mag. Damage

Angkor Swarm

After doing , summon numerous bat Angkors with very loose homing properties. Fire up to 6 Angkors and one final larger Angkor.

  • Super armor during .

324% Mag. Damage
324% Mag. Damage
57% Mag. Damage
57% Mag. Damage x1~5
+395% Mag. Damage


Hyper Active

Force Mod Skill

  • In addition to these new skills, Oz Sorcerer can also learn Force Skills.


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  • Angkor takes on a humanoid form in this advancement, compared to his bat-like appearance in Void Princess' advancement.
  • Oz Sorcerer's frilly skirt and witch's hat are similar to old concept designs for Void Princess, and once again, they are part of Angkor's contract.
  • Upon advancing into Oz Sorcerer, Aisha's in-game eyelids become sharper and pose a more smug expression. Equipping a custom face will not affect this.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
South Korea 오즈 소서러 Oz Sorcerer
Japan オズソーサラー Oz Sorcerer
Taiwan (Traditional Chinese) 奧兹魔導 Oz Magician
China (Simplified Chinese) 异界魔使 Otherworld Sorcerer
Germany Oz-Zauberin Oz Sorcerer
Spain Maga de Oz Oz Mage
France Magicienne d'Oz Oz Magician
Italy Maga di Oz Oz Mage
Poland Czarodziejka z Oz Oz Sorceress
United Kingdom Oz Wizard
Brazil Feiticeira de Oz Oz Sorcerer