Pretty Flower

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DaydreamerSkill5.png [Active] Summon flowers that Laby used to like. Though they say pretty flowers have thorns...
Enemies hit will have an all speed decrease debuff for 5 seconds.
Final Enhanced Skill
  • All Speed Decrease additional 5%


Class Level Required
Daydreamer 50

Skill Information


Level Required Flower Garden (Physical) Flower Garden Duration All Speed Reduction Max Hits MP Usage Cooldown
Amount Duration
50 185% 5 Seconds 10% 5 Seconds 5 25 MP 4 Seconds
[Enhanced] 15%


Level Required Flower Garden (Physical)
50 59%

Skill Traits

Regenerating (1) Pretty Flower Evil Pretty Flower
Attribute Effect MP Recovery Attribute Effect
50% chance of regaining 100% of the MP Usage 25 MP Skill will burn 4 MP per hit


Date Changes
01/31/2018 03/06/2019
  • Pretty Flower added.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 예쁜 꽃이네 Pretty Flower
French Flag.png France Jolies fleurs Pretty Flowers

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