RX-78 Land Runner

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RoseSkill4.png [Special Active: Tenacity] Install a self-destructing RX-78 Land Runner that automatically tracks enemies. The RX-78 Land Runner will stay in the battlefield for 10 seconds and navigate towards the closest enemy then explode.
Over Strike
  • Upon activating Over Strike, skill attack power increases.
Final Enhanced Skill
  • Additionally summons RX-79 Landrunner.


Class Level Required
Gunner 10

Skill Information


Level Required Damage Duration MP Usage Cooldown
RX-78 Land Runner RX-79 Land Runner
Collision (Physical) Fragments (Physical) Explosion (Magical) Collision (Physical) Fragments (Physical) Explosion (Magical)
10 70% 848% 1377% N/A 10 Seconds 100 MP 6 Seconds
[Enhanced] 70% 230% 344%


Level Required Damage
RX-78 Land Runner RX-79 Land Runner
Collision (Physical) Fragments (Physical) Explosion (Magical) Collision (Physical) Fragments (Physical) Explosion (Magical)
10 28% 339% 550% N/A
[Enhanced] 28% 92% 137%

Skill Traits

Gigantic RX-78 Land Runner Empowered RX-78 Land Runner
Attribute Effect Attribute Effect
Skill size increased to 150% Damage increased to 120%

Related Skills

Prime Operator

MHActive2.png Robot Detonation
MHPassive.png Mechanic Mastery
OptPassive2.png Mecha Generator
OptTrans4.png Awakened Will: Optimus
Prime Operator - Passive 1.png Mecha Control

Tips and Details

  • [Enhanced] RX-78 Land Runner can deal up to 1,218% (487% in PvP) Physical Damage and 1,721% (687% in PvP) Magical Damage, assuming both the RX-78 and RX-79 Land Runners hit the same target.
    • With the Empowered trait, it can deal up to 1,461.6% (584.4% in PvP) Physical Damage and 2,065.2% (824.4% in PvP) Magical Damage.
  • The Gigantic trait only increases the size of the Explosion, not of the Land Runner robots themselves
  • The skill benefits from various effects when job changing to the Prime Operator class path: Mechanic Mastery, Mecha Generator, and Awakened Will: Optimus
    • The RX-78 and RX-79 Land Runners count as separate summoned units for the Mecha Generator passive.


Date Changes
12/23/2015 -
  • Gigantified attribute enhanced.
  • Ranged increased so it can damage targets one floor up too.
03/24/2016 -
  • Fixed issue where the skill is not affected by Skill Ring when reach [Enhanced] level.
06/16/2016 -
  • Fixed Land Runner's wick part not showing if the enemy used Land Runner first.
12/29/2016 -
  • Damage decreased.
04/27/2017 -
  • Fragment damage increased.
  • Collision damage decreased.
  • Explosion damage increased.
  • Collison damage decreased.
06/29/2017 -
  • Skill Motion error fixed.
04/05/2018 04/18/2018
  • Fragment damage increased.
  • Explosion damage increased.
  • Collision damage decreased.
04/25/2019 05/22/2019
  • Summon unit affected by Critical Damage and Physical/Magical Damage Increase effects.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 랜드러너 RX-78 Land Runner
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified Chinese) RX-78陆地行者 RX-78 Land Runner
German Flag.png Germany Landrunner RX-78 RX-78 Land Runner
French Flag.png France Coureur terrestre RX-78 RX-78 Land Runner
Bresil Flag.png Brazil Sentinela RX-78 RX-78 Sentinel

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