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Prime Operator - Passive 1.png [Passive] Increase the ability for mecha control, more efficiently utilizing mechas.


Class Level Required
Prime Operator 99

Skill Information

Skill Level Level Required Over Strike Enhance Auto Gun Enhance Focused Strike! Target Damage Enhance
Over Strike Duration Increase Additional Over Strike Duration
(On using Mecha-type Special Active during Over Strike)
Auto Gun Command Damage Increase Stigma Chance
(On hit with Auto Gun Commands)
Stigma Duration Increase Stigma Defense Reduction
1 99 10 Seconds +1 Second 10% 10% 2 seconds 40% (25% in PvP)

Affected Combos

Jamming Metal Heart Optimus Prime Operator
Ricon.pngXXXXXX ZXX(XxxxxX) →→↑XZZ →→XZX
Ricon.png→→X XX↓X →→↑XZXXX
Ricon.pngX →→XXXHold

Tips and Details

  • Activating Over Strike multiple times will increase its duration by 10 seconds, making it possible to reach beyond 30 seconds or even 40 seconds.

Possible Bugs:

  • While Auto Guns are selected, melee commands also have a chance to inflict Stigma.
  • Using Focused Strike! on Elesis does not work if Knight of Annihilation or Gale is active.
  • Stigma can be inflicted on mobs, minibosses, and certain bosses.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 메카 컨트롤 Mecha Control
German Flag.png Germany Mecha-Kontrolle Mecha Control
Spanish Flag.png Spain Mecacontrol Mecha Control
French Flag.png France Contrôle de méca Mecha Control
Italian Flag.png Italy Controllo meccanico Mecha Control
Polish Flag.png Poland Kontrola Mecha Mecha Control

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