Seed of Wrath : Icicle

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NWTrans1.png [Special Active: Tenacity] Sets seeds of wrath below surrounding enemies.

Seeds explode after a while making icicles rise up to hit enemies.

NF Consumption Skill
  • Uses 1 NF on hit


Class Level Required
Night Watcher : Transcendent 70

Skill Information


Character Level Damage (Physical) Max Hits MP Usage Cooldown
Seed of Wrath Icicle Explosion Seed of Wrath Icicle Explosion
70 462% 344% 1 7 100 MP 8 Seconds


Character Level Damage (Physical)
Seed of Wrath Icicle Explosion
70 157% 116%

Skill Traits


Empowered Seed of Wrath : Icicle Regenerating (1) Seed of Wrath : Icicle
Attribute Effect Details Attribute Effect Details
Damage MP Recovery
Seed of Wrath Icicle Explosion
Damage increased to 120% 554.4% 412.8% 25% chance of regaining 75% of the MP Usage 75 MP


Empowered Seed of Wrath : Icicle
Seed of Wrath Icicle Explosion
188.4% 139.2%

Tips and Details

  • Seed of Wrath : Icicle can do a total of 2,870% (969% in PvP) Physical Damage.
  • The seeds are set on all targets close to Rena, including objects like chests and doors
  • No seeds are set if there's nothing around Rena.
  • The Seed of Wrath part of the skill deals splash damage, allowing for high damage on tightly grouped enemies.
  • The number of seeds set is unlimited.
  • Not very effective against super-armored opponents, as they can easily escape from the stationary icicle attacks.


  • 01/25/2017 KR
    • Seed of Wrath damage decreased.
    • Icicle Explosion damage increased.
  • 04/27/2017 KR
    • PvE damage increased.
    • PvP damage decreased.
  • 07/27/2017 KR
    • PvP damage decreased.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 진노의 씨앗 : 고드름 Seed of Wrath : Icicle
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified Chinese) 愤怒之种:冰锥 Seed of Wrath : Icicle
French Flag.png France Semence du vent : stalactite Seed of Wind : Stalactite

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