Status Effects/Move Slowdown

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Move Slowdown
Status Type Debuff
Debuff Name Move Slowdown
Icon Status 092.png
Max Stack(s) 1


Targets with this debuff will have reduced Movement and Jump Speed. Some skills can also reduce Action Speed.


Character Skills Enemy Skills
Skill Duration
Energy Wave (Aisha) 3 seconds
Ring of Energy 2 seconds
Illusion Thorns 2 seconds
Trick Shot 7 seconds
[Enhanced] Trick Shot 9 seconds
Particle Prism (Within skill radius)
Gravity Buster
with 2 Dynamo Mutation Points
5 seconds
Stomp 2 seconds
Soul Infest 4 seconds
Soul Sigil 3.6 seconds
Fake Shot 7 seconds
Desperado 5 seconds
Wind Einfallen (Within skill radius)
Requiem 5 seconds

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea ??? Slow