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Hi there, cruzerblade here! I prefer being called Deso or Desu.
I'm a former Grand Chase PH Player and have been an active contributor to this GC wiki back then.

My Elsword days started out in EU at least a year or so before the official PH server came up. I played during PH CBT but left after a few minutes. (I made an Elboy, ran Tree of El, then *poof*.) I came back months later (with a First Gen title on my Eve :^) because of my old guildmates from GC and have been through constant ups and downs ever since.

I'm into skill planning and stat/set building. I also love getting those bits of info left and right.
I also love in-game costumes but alas, gaming budget nowadays is limited.
I'm no PvP-er, if ever anyone's wondering. That's why I'm here I guess :v

I'll probably start making Elsword edits (facebook profile covers, forum avas/sigs, etc.) once I get the kick.
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The rest are banks lol.<



aka Death Dealers
Considered as an 'originator' by our guild leader despite belonging to the 2nd Gen. Went around as an officer or a standing guild leader at times. This guild was actually carried on from Grand Chase (previously Shinodira). We eventually disbanded the guild for a new name. If there's a Shinodira/ShiNoDira guild in Elsword PH now, it's not us anymore.


As our guild leader decided, ShiNoDira had its own time and its own place in Ernas. Now as we move on to Elrios, it's also time for a new name. We eventually disbanded...


Yue is our branch guild. Our facebook page happens to be named Yue too. Anyone's free to join the guild although people don't go online as much anymore. For PH players who would still like to join, just hit me up in my talk page or join our FB group (Yue's Lobby) and leave a message. We'll get you in once we're available.


Spontaneously asked by the guild leader if I wanted to join, I just went with it. I mean, when you think of it, aren't Ara's oppai defying gravity?

Relationship Wiki Goals

I don't really have big goals but I'd most likely continue working on accessories and items.
I would also love to have discussions on different interactions, how damage is calculated, y'know all those small details no one cares about most especially regarding Additional Damage.


Gotta find a way to kick those in huh?That extra 1px bothers me but I dunno what to do about it. The tables work already so... :v
  • Add images for individual Golden Acces
  • Find the item icons for the Mysterious El Lord acces
Just so I can make their pages; I already have item and aura pics and gifs
  • There are still several IM accessories to clear out from my list so...
  • Continue working on boss drop acce pages starting from Lanox going backwards :D