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Basic Information

Secret Dungeon Equipment are sets of powerful Lv. 80 armor, weapons, and accessories. There are 7 different sets each with their own unique appearance based on the region associated with it, which all have a unified set effect, allowing them to be mixed and matched freely. The primary distinction with each set is the weapon's special effect, which has a chance of summoning the respective Secret Dungeon boss associated with it.

How to Obtain

You can obtain Secret Dungeon equipment by opening Secret Dungeon Equipment Cubes, which are obtained as a rare drop from Secret Dungeon bosses. You can also obtain a Secret Dungeon Weapon Cube from the [Secret Dungeon] Hidden Dungeon Revealed story quest. Upon opening the cubes, you are given a choice of which specific piece you want from it. It's worth noting that completing the rest of the Secret Dungeon-related Story quests will earn you exclusive amulets to further enhance your Secret Dungeon armor and weapon to +8 and +9 respectively.

List of Secret Dungeon Sets

Icon Name Stats Set Bonus
HQ Shop Top Elder Upbody Unique Lv8.png
Mechanized MK-6 Top Piece Lv. 80 Top Piece:

[Unidentified * ?]
Polarize +6%

Secret Dungeon:

2-Piece Effect:

  • Critical +5%
  • Maximize +5%
  • Attack Speed +5%

3-Piece Effect:

  • All Skill Damage +5%

4-Piece Effect:

  • +5% Physical Attack Power
  • +5% Magical Attack Power
HQ Shop Top Elder Lowbody Unique Lv8.png
Mechanized MK-6 Bottom Piece Lv. 80 Bottom Piece:

[Unidentified * ?]
Damage Dealt to Boss Monsters +6%

HQ Shop Top Elder Hand Unique Lv8.png
Mechanized MK-6 Gloves Lv. 80 Gloves:

[Unidentified * ?]
All Skill Damage +25%

HQ Shop Top Elder Foot Unique Lv8.png
Mechanized MK-6 Shoes Lv. 80 Shoes:

[Unidentified * ?]
Ignore Physical Defense +6%
Ignore Magical Defense +6%

Mechanized MK-6 Goggles Lv. 80 Face Accessory (Middle):

[Unidentified * ?]
HP Increase +2%

Secret Dungeon Accessory:

3-Piece Effect:

  • +3% Physical Attack Power
  • +3% Magical Attack Power
2-X Weapon Lv80 2.png
Mechanized MK-6 Weapon Lv. 80 Weapon:

[Unidentified * ?]
[Unidentified * ?]
Critical +5%
Maximize +3%
When attacking, there is a 2% chance to summon Nasod Inspector (Cannon Slam) (Dungeon)


Each Secret Dungeon weapon has a 2% chance to summon the Secret Dungeon boss associated with it, in order to launch a powerful attack. Below is a preview of each attack.


  • Ara's Alterasia Type-E and Type-H Spear icons are currently bugged. They share the same icon with their Grendized/Enhanced versions.

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