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What is Secret Dungeon Equipment?

Secret Dungeon sets are considered endgame equipment due to their high stats and utility. Each set has its own unique set effects, which can each be utilized in their own ways to suit specific characters and playstyles. These sets can also be upgraded to two higher stages, which grant higher stats and extra abilities.


You can obtain secret dungeon equipment by exchanging the Sacrificed Adventurer's set, which are obtained by drop in every Secret Dungeon, to the blacksmith of the desire set's region (i.e. Horatio in Hamel for the Ancient Noble set). You can also complete the one-time quest Hidden Dungeon Revealed to obtain a Secret Dungeon Weapon Cube, which will contain a random Secret Dungeon weapon for the character you are using.


Grendizing is the first step to upgrading your Secret Dungeon equipment, increasing the level requirement for the full set up to Lv.80. You can Grendize your gear through any blacksmith's upgrade menu. This process requires El Rewards, which are obtained from quests and the Elysion Tree, and Barrier Fragments, which are dropped in every secret dungeon.

Equipment Piece Materials Required Cost
HQ Shop Item 154065.png El Rewards HQ Shop Item 154066.png Barrier's Fragments Magical Crystal.png Magical Crystals ED.png ED
Weapon 2 50 960 261,600
Top Piece 2 30 280 76,320
Bottom Piece 2 30 280 89,040
Gloves 1 20 280 38,160
Shoes 1 20 280 50,880
Accessory 2 50 280 206,400
Total 10 200 2,360 722,400


Enhancing is fundamentally the same as Grendizing, and is also done through the blacksmith's upgrade menu. Enhanced Secret Dungeon equipment is is the final upgrade you can make to Secret Dungeon equipment, increasing it to Lv.85, and unlocking an extra set effect while wearing all 6 pieces of an Enhanced set.

Equipment Piece Materials Required Cost
HQ Shop Item 154065.png El Rewards HQ Shop Item 154066.png Barrier's Fragments ED.png ED
Weapon 2 50 261,600
Top Piece 1 50 76,320
Bottom Piece 1 50 89,040
Gloves 1 50 38,160
Shoes 1 50 50,880
Accessory 2 50 206,400
Total 8 300 722,400

List of Secret Dungeon Sets

Icon Name Stats Set Bonus
Mechanized MK-5 Visor Lv. 78 Face Accessory (Middle):

[Unidentified * ?]
Max HP +2%

2-Piece Effect:

Additional Damage +1.5%
Max HP +3%

4-Piece Effect:

Physical Attack +1%
Magical Attack +1%
Physical Defense +1%
Magical Defense +1%

5-Piece Effect:

When attacked, 3% chance to increase physical and magical defense by 1.5* for 5 seconds

(Cooldown: 5 seconds)

After HP lower than 20%, when attacked, 20% chance of casting the buff Mechanized Defense Module (Critical Hit Resistance +50%, Additional Damage Resistance +50%, MP Gain +10% when attacked) for 5 seconds.

(Cooldown: 10 seconds)

Max MP +5%

HQ Shop Top Elder Upbody Elite Lv7.png
Mechanized MK-5 Top Piece Lv. 70 Top Piece:

[Unidentified * ?]
Max HP +3%

HQ Shop Top Elder Lowbody Elite Lv7.png
Mechanized MK-5 Bottom Piece Lv. 72 Bottom Piece:

[Unidentified * ?]
Max HP +3%

HQ Shop Top Elder Hand Elite Lv7.png
Mechanized MK-5 Gloves Lv. 74 Gloves:

[Unidentified * ?]
Attack Speed +1%

HQ Shop Top Elder Foot Elite Lv7.png
Mechanized MK-5 Shoes Lv. 76 Shoes:

[Unidentified * ?]
Movement Speed +3%
Jump Speed +3%

2-X Weapon Lv78.png
Mechanized MK-5 Weapon Lv. 78 Weapon:

[Unidentified * ?]
[Unidentified * ?]
Attack Speed +3%
Critical Hit Rate +3%


All images here are in-game screen shots of Secret Dungeon Sets.

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