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Lies, you said you was sleeping


Always end your comments with the ~~~~ so as to print your name and timestamp!
Ginseng 23:14, 27 December 2010 (CST)

New Main Page: Based on Kenny's Concept

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This wiki is about the game Elsword. It includes data from every version, specialising in KR and NA.

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KR Elsword Updates

Server Maintenance Date:
07 November 2019
Server Maintenance Time:
06:00 ~ 9:00 KST (GMT+9)

Patch Content:

  • Party List
  • Custom Portraits

Event Progress:

  • Form parties, Clear Dungeons! (Last until November 21, 2019)

Ice Burner Status:

Update Details:


NA Elsword Updates

Server Maintenance Date:
November 6, 2019
[Patch Notes]

Content and Event Updates:

  • Dungeon Revamp implemented

[List of changes]
[Event details] (Lasts until November 20, 2019)

Ice Burner Status:

[More details] (Lasts until January 1, 2020)

[More details] (Lasts until November 27, 2019)

TW/HK Elsword Updates

Server Maintenance Date:
Oct. 16th 2014
Server Maintenance Time:
HK: 10:00 - 15:00 (CCT)
TW: 08:00 - 14:00 (CCT)

Content Updates:

  • Halloween Event
    • (Events until 11/10)

[Click for Update Details]

Ice Burners Progress:

  • Normal Ice Burners:
    • Evil Tracer 2 (9/11 - ?)

[Click for details]

GER Elsword Updates

Server Update Date:
13 November 2019
Server Maintenance Time:
Automatic Update at 9 AM (CET)

Content and Event Updates:

[Revamp details]

[More details]
[Event details] (Lasts until 20 November 2019)

  • Various improvements implemented

[List of changes]

  • Attendance Event

[Event details] (Lasts until 20 November 2019)

Ice Burner Status:

New ReleasesUpcoming Updates
List of Recently Updated ContentLatest Update: Debrian Laboratory
Patch Dates Content External Links
Corea del Sur Norte America
Mayo 2, 2017 Mayo 31, 2017 Escenario de Evento: Cazador de Tesoros KoG Games
Junio 1, 2017 Junio 14, 2017 Escenario Especial: Dimension donde habita la Oscuridad KoG Games
Junio 15, 2017 Junio 28, 2017 Escenario: Corredor del EL - Inicio KoG Games
Junio 22, 2017 Julio 5, 2017 Escenario: Corredor del EL - Juicio
Junio 29, 2017 Julio 12, 2017 Escenario: Corredor del EL - Elección
Julio 13, 2017 Julio 26, 2017 Nueva villa: Elrianode KoG Games
Julio 13, 2017 Julio 26, 2017 Escenario: Santuario del Dragón del Agua KoG Games
Julio 20, 2017 Augosto 2, 2017 Escenario: Ciudad de Elrianode KoG Games
Julio 27, 2017 Augosto 9, 2017 Escenario: Centro de Investigación Debrian KoG Games
Augosto 10, 2017 Escenario: Defensa de la Torre del EL
Invierno del 2017 3er Cambio de Clase
Read more: Debrian Laboratory
Did you know...

The skill icon of Midas

  • ... that the Guild Skill called Midas refers to King Midas in Greek Mythology who could turn anything he touched into gold?

  • ... that a running gag with Code: Empress is that whenever Eve loses, she uses Ophelia to humorously strangle or beat up Oberon

  • ... that Blade Master is considered to be one of the most popular characters?

  • ... that William the Phoru is actually invincible?