Void Breaker

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[Special Active: Strength]
Concentrate energy and blast with force. Unleashed energy shoots out to finally explode.
DP Recovery Skill
  • Recover 40 DP when the skill is used
  • DP is not recovered while in Dynamo Configuration Mode (Awakening)
Dynamo Mutation Point
  • Uses a maximum of 2 Dynamo Mutation Points with Awakening.
  • Increases 15% damage per Dynamo Mutation Point.
    (Skill can be used without Mutation Points)
Nasod Armor Command Connection
  • Press / command button to connect to Nasod Armor Command with Dynamo Configuration Mode (Awakening),
  • Nasod Armor Commands are acquired after 1st job advancement.
Final Enhanced Skill
  • Damage is increased by 1.2 times.


Class Level Required
Add 1

Skill Information

Mode Damage (Magical) Max Hits MP Usage DP Recovery
(During Dissolution)
Multi Hit Black Hole Energy Explosion Multi Hit Black Hole Energy Explosion
PvE 74% 984% 7 4 200 MP 40 DP 10 Seconds
PvP 19% 248%
PvE 89% 1181% 7 4 200 MP 40 DP 10 Seconds
PvP 23% 298%

Skill Traits

Enhanced Void BreakerUseful Void Breaker
Attribute EffectAttribute EffectMax Hits
Critical Hit Rate increased to 100%
Damage decreased to 80%
Max Hits increased
Damage decreased to 70%
Multi Hit Black Hole: 11
Energy Explosion: 7

Total Damage

ModeBaseAmplify Energy (Lunatic Psyker)
RegularDynamo Configuration (2 DMP)RegularDynamo Configuration (2 DMP)
NormalEnhanced (Trait)UsefulNormalEnhanced (Trait)UsefulNormalEnhanced (Trait)UsefulNormalEnhanced (Trait)Useful

Related Skills

Doom Bringer

Tips and Details

  • The black hole will follow paths and stops at walls, allowing it to deal full damage to any cornered target.
  • The black hole will pull enemies along forcibly, ensuring full hits to any non-Super Armor target.
    • When used on enemies in Super Armor however , it will simply fly straight past them, so back up a bit before using it to maximize damage dealt.
  • After learning Amplify Energy as Lunatic Psyker, 2 additional smaller black holes will be fired at the same pace as the main black hole at 50% of the total damage, essentially doubling the total damage dealt by Void Breaker.


Date Changes
12/19/2013 06/25/2014
  • Void Breaker added.
09/24/2015 03/03/2016
  • Added leftover effects from Skill Note.
  • For each mutation point used, damage of the skill is increased.
  • During Awakening, a maximum of 2 Dynamo Mutation Point will be consumed.
03/24/2016 -
  • Tooltip changed.
12/29/2016 01/11/2017
  • Explosion damage decreased.
04/27/2017 05/10/2017
  • Damage increased.
  • None
07/27/2017 08/09/2017
  • Black Hole damage increased.
04/05/2018 04/18/2018
  • Damage increased.
  • Black Hole damage increased.
  • Explosion damage decreased.
07/18/2019 08/14/2019
  • Changed from Level 5 to Level 1.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
South Korea 보이드 브레이커 Void Breaker
Japan ヴォイドブレイカー Void Breaker
Taiwan (Traditional Chinese) 虛空粉碎 Void Breaker
China (Simplified Chinese) 虚无破坏者 Void Breaker
Germany Raumbrecher Space Breaker
Spain Rompedor del vacío Void Breaker
France Déchirure spatiale Space Tear
Italy Distruttore dello spazio Space Breaker
Poland Łamacz Przestrzeni Space Breaker
Brazil Singularidade Singularity