Ymir's Time and Space

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Ymir's Time and Space

Ymir's Time and Space is the most primitive prototype of the William's Time and Space and Henir's Time and Space.
There were two modes to Ymir's Time and Space: Ymir's Time and Space: Ruben and Ymir's Time and Space: Elder.

People could make party rooms or start solo, much like the old Elsword party system that many of you may remember.
This dungeon consists of 20 rooms, where certain bonus rooms existed in which extra ED could be earned. The objective was to clear the rooms as fast as possible.
The art style of Ymir's Time and Space was very different. It was very much similar to that of Grand Chase.
For more information on each version of Ymir's Time and Space, use the table below to find the version you are seeking.

Select Icon Dungeon Name Time of Availability
South Korean Server North American Server
Imiredimensionruben.png Ymir's Time and Space: Ruben July 14th, 2008 ~ ? Never
Imiredimensionelder.png Ymir's Time and Space: Elder July 14th, 2008 ~ ? Never
Ymir's Time and Space Icon.png Ymir's Time and Space(Event) Never April 1st, 2015