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Cloaking.PNG [Active] Cloak to become invisible. Cloaking is removed after attacking.


Class Master Level Required SP Required to Unlock SP Cost Per Level Alternative
Nasod Lv. 20 15 7 1 Photon Flash

Skill Information

Skill Level Level Required Duration Movement Speed Change MP Usage Continuous MP Usage Cooldown
1 15 3 Seconds -5% 5 MP 4 MP per second 8 Seconds
2 3.5 Seconds -3%
3 4 Seconds -1%
4 16 4.5 Seconds 1%
5 18 5 Seconds 3%
6 20 5.5 Seconds 5%
7 22 6 Seconds 7%
8 24 6.5 Seconds 9%
9 26 7 Seconds 11%
10 28 7.5 Seconds 13%
11 30 8 Seconds 15%
12 32 8.5 Seconds 17%
13 34 9 Seconds 19%
14 36 9.5 Seconds 21%
15 38 10 Seconds 23%
16 40 10.5 Seconds 25%
17 42 11 Seconds 27%
18 44 11.5 Seconds 29%
19 46 12 Seconds 31%
20 (M) 48 12.5 Seconds 33%
21 -* 13 Seconds 35%
22 13.5 Seconds 37%
23 14 Seconds 39%
24 14.5 Seconds 41%
25 15 Seconds 43%

*Please note that you can only achieve these levels through equipments, accessories, and titles.

Skill Note

I can blow the enemy out by waiting patiently and then before they know it, I wipe them out before their eyes!
-Legendary Boxer Mercenary S.

Name: Waiting Alone(NA) / Lonely Waiting (쓸쓸한 기다림) (KR)

Description: Gives 3MP/s regeneration while in Cloaking.

  • In effect, reduces the MP consumption while in Cloaking.

Tips and Details

  • The execution of this skill gives Eve invulnerability, but not during the duration of invisibility.
  • The invisibility will be cancelled by if Eve attacks, is hit by an attack, or uses a skill.
    • Movement and Mana Conversion will not cancel the skill.
    • Getting hit by an attack while executing Cloaking will cause the cloaking to cancel, but the execution will still take place.
    • Even if an attack does not inflict hitstun, it will still cancel Cloaking if you take damage from it.
  • In PvP, enemy players may still be able to pin-point your location during Cloaking if you are on the ground by looking at the blob shadow cast under your character. You can still circumvent this by keeping yourself in the air as much as possible and mixing up your landing locations every so often, making it that much harder for them to chase you.
  • If you use Awakening after using Cloaking, enemy players can see your Awakening aura. However, they cannot see it if you awake before using Cloaking.
  • The skill's effect will wear off if you run out of MP.
  • Cloaking's movement speed increase is a flat amount added on top of the player's current movement speed.
    • The movement speed buff will linger for the entirety of the labeled Cloaking duration. (Ex. Level 20 results in 12.5 seconds of a lingering movement speed buff.)
    • The movement speed buff will not disappear if Eve forcibly cancels Cloaking by attacking.
    • The movement speed buff will disappear if Eve is hit by an enemy's attack or if the duration expires.
    • There is no buff icon to indicate that the movement speed buff is in effect.


  • This skill used to be one of the original two skill you start with at Level 1, but was replaced after 03/29/2012 with Photon Flash.
  • In the past, players were able to see an enemy Eve's photon flight trail and even weapon enchantment effects during Cloaking, but both of these visual effects have since been seemingly fixed.
  • In the past, your location could also be given away if you were cloaked while El Crystal Spectrum (spectral stone following you), Energetic Heart (wings gave away where you were at all times while active), or Queen's Core (core following you) was active.


Date Changes
11/07/2013 -
  • MP Consumption is reduced by 1 per sec.
08/20/2015 -
  • Cloaking deleted.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 클로킹 Cloaking
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified Chinese) 隐身 Cloaking
German Flag.png Germany Schattenmantel Shadow Jacket
French Flag.png France Manteau des ombres Shadow Coat

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