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APPassive1.png [Passive] Attains resolve and clarity despite of chaos and accepts the true power gained from Henir.
New Power
  • Max MP Increased.
Henir Reinforcement
  • During Henir (Awakening) mode, the last blow of certain commands changes.
    • XXZ[Z] : Damage increased by 2 times.
    • →→ZZZ[X(Hold)] : Burn 2 MP per hit.
    • ZZZ[Z] : Range increased by 1.5 times.
    • ZZZZ[→Z] : Burn 2 MP per hit.
    • →→↑ZZZ[X] : Radius increased by 1.5 times.


Class Level Required
Apostasia 35

Skill Information

Skill Level Level Required Max MP increase
1 35 25 MP
2 48 50 MP
3 56 75 MP
4 93 100 MP

Affected Combos

Lofty: Wanderer Apostasia
→→ZZZ(X~X) →→↑ZZZX

Tips and Details

  • While using the →→ZZZ(X~X) command as the awakening duration runs out it will still burn 2MP per hit.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 개안 Awakening
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified Chinese) 开眼 Awakening
French Flag.png France Illumination Enlightenment
Italian Flag.png Italy Illuminazione Enlightenment
Bresil Flag.png Brazil Iluminação Enlightenment

Apostasia Skills
Hyper Active
APHA.png Ende der Welt
Special Active
APSActive1.png Gottvergessen Sense     LWActive2(New).PNG Brechen     APSActive2.png Fesseln     APSActive3.png Totentanz     APSActive4.png Abgrund     APSActive5.png Mauer
APActive1.png Leere
APBuff1.png Nichts Feld
APPassive1.png Enlightenment     APPassive2.png New Belief     APPassive3.png Ruler of the Abyss