Równiny Zapomnienia

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Return Plains

A lonesome wind welcomed you when you arrived at the Return Plains.
Nasod Graveyard. Ponggos saw some moving Nasods.
Optymalny Poziom
Minimalna Siła Bojowa
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Obraz Opis Ataki
Black Crow Engineer - Combatant of The Black Crow. He repairs broken weapons and machines.
  • Wrench Swing: A quick short combo with his wrench.
Black Crow Sniper - A sniper among the Black Crows. He uses his rifle to shoot small grenades that either stun or explode with accurate precision.
  • Gun Shots: Ready themselves then fire three bullets.
  • Grenade Lob: Lob a grenade that explodes on impact.
Black Crow Gladiator - A fighter who quickly swipes at you using his blade.
  • Heavy Slash: Prepares in super armor then performs a single overhead slash.
Nasod Scout Type-L - Nasod that spies on Alterasia-infested areas.
  • Tackle: Lunges at enemies with its legs.
  • Shock: Fires a short burst of lightning that stuns players.
  • Electron Ball: Shoots a small electron ball.
Nasod Gardener Type-F - A Nasod that launches fire blasts from its arm-cannon!
  • Arm Thrust: Prepares itself and trusts forward doing multiple hits.
  • Fireball: Fires a single fireball out of its arm.
Corrupt Nasod Miner - A miner that jabs you using its drill, however, it seems to be infected by something strange...
  • Drill Whack: The Miner will whack you with its arm.
  • Drill Push: The miner will prepare itself then dash itself forward drill first do rapid hits.
  • Self-Destruct: When its HP is low it will activate a countdown clock and explode after 3 seconds.


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Obraz Opis
Land Mine - Landmines scattered everywhere are activated once someone steps on them activating their 3 second countdown detonation.


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Obraz Opis Ataki
Supervisor of Nasod Miners - A large white Nasod Miner.
  • Drill Push: The miner will prepare itself then dash itself forward drill first do rapid hits while in complete super armor.
  • Hole Drill: Activate the pistons in its arm and attacks the plays with a continuous barrage of drill stabs.


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Obraz Opis Ataki
Corrupt Nasod Driller - An abandoned driller created to excavate minerals and attack intruders. It somehow started moving again.
  • Guard: Nasod Driller crosses his arms reducing damage while in super armor.
  • Drill Stab: The Boss jabs at you using its enormous drill to repeatedly damage you.
  • Drill Pound: The Nasod Driller tries to smash you by jabbing you from a different angle.
  • Grenade Launch: Creating space, the Corrupt Nasod Driller will send out multiple bombs that explode around the stage.
  • Energy Four: Its strongest move. The Nasod Charges his cannon and unleashes a series of explosions before it. This can juggle you causing rather lethal damage.


  • Elsword
  • Aisha
  • Rena
  • Raven
  • Eve
  • Chung
  • Ara
  • Elesis
  • Add
  • Lu/Ciel
  • Rose
  • Ain
  • Elsword: The island is – floating?! Amazing! I never heard of such a thing.
  • Elsword: This plain is like a huge Nasod graveyard. Kinda sad and lonely, really.
  • Elsword: Some weird spores on those Nasods – what's up with that? Could this be the final stage in the Nasod lifespan? Why aren't they moving?
Image Name Boss Character Stats
Purified Nasod Drill
Purified Nasod Drill
Corrupt Nasod Driller

Lv34 Great Sword:

Physical Attack +2477

Magical Attack +2477

[Unidentified * ?]

[Unidentified * ?]

Critical +3%

Action Speed +2%




Alternatywne Nazwy
Server Name Translation
South Korea 회귀의 평원 Return Plains
Taiwan (Traditional Chinese) 夢境平原 Dreamland Plains
China (Simplified Chinese) 梦境平原 Dreamland Plains
Germany Ebene der Rückkehr Plain of Return
Spain Llanura del Retorno Plain of Return
France Plaine du retour Plain of Return
Italy Piano del Ritorno Plain of Return
Poland Równiny Zapomnienia Plain of Oblivion
United Kingdom Plain of Return
Brazil Planícies do Regresso Plains of Return