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Toretugera Canyon Altera Village Graveyard of Purification
Garrison in the Sky
Altera, a mysterious floating island situated in the middle of the entire Elios Continent. Nobody knows why there even exists such an island, especially one that floats, in Elios....

Funnily enough, the island of Altera is home to the Ponggo Race, a bipedal mole race that lives within (not on) the island itself... However, it will soon become apparent that the island is also inhabited by the leaders of the Nasod, a secret race of extremely advanced technology....

Level Required to Enter:


NPCs: Mini Map:

Adel Aida Amos Agatha

Special NPCs

Ariel Camilla Luriel

Hunting Fields: BGMs:

Graveyard of Purification

Ponggo's Hideout

Nasod Dumpsite

Garrison in the Sky

Altera Village - village_altera

Unused Music in Region

Altera Island - dungeongate02

Unused - field_altera003


Dungeon Name Dungeon Name
The Black Crow Nasod Foundry
Return Plains Altera Core
Transporting Tunnel B4-1 Transporting Tunnel: Contaminated Area
Altera Plains


  • Prior to the Hunting Fields update, at the edge of the outskirts, instead of another town, there was a sign saying "DANGER" and below it an image of Aisha pushing Elsword off the edge.
  • This is the only town in the game to have a cast of NPCs that are entirely a different race than the humans. (Not counting the Special NPCs that appear in every town)

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