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Korytarz EL

Korytarz EL - Elsword, wessany podczas procesu przywracania EL.
Aby, uratować Elsworda, poszukiwacze Eldrytu wchodzą do Korytarza EL.
Aby uratować Elsworda, Poszukiwacze Eldrytu wchodzą do Korytarza EL..
Optymalny Poziom
Minimalna Siła Bojowa
Warunki wejścia
  • Tylko 1 gracz.

The mobs you will encounter will differ between the difficulty selected. Facing a different set of copies of each character.

Korytarz El - Łatwy
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Obraz Opis Ataki
Aisha - Manifestations of El taken the form of Aisha.
Rena - Manifestations of El taken the form of Rena.
Raven - Manifestations of El taken the form of Raven.
  • Reckless Fist Commands: He can perform basic Reckless Fist commands.
  • Shadow Step: Charge through enemies. Perform a strong thrust attack or throws fire bombs. Fire bombs do significant amounts of damage.
  • Wild Charge: Unleash a powerful attack using your fist.
Korytarz El - Normalny
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Obraz Opis Ataki
Eve - Manifestations of El taken the form of Eve. You will fight her alongside a Nasod Scout, then fight her alongside Oberon and Ophelia.
Nazo-zwiadowca - Manifestations of El taken the form of Eve's servants, Nasod Scout.
  • Zap: Fire a short range burst of electricity.
  • Pounce: Jump towards players.
  • Triple Mini Electron Ball: Fire three small electronballs.
  • Self-Destruct: Upon death, it will explode.
Oberon - Manifestations of El taken the form of Eve's servants, Oberon. Unlike the regular Oberon, his attacks will inflict hitstun.
  • Slash: Perform a single crescent slash.
  • Consecutive Slash: Perform a series of slashes.
  • Piercing Slash: Slash through a target.


  • Will not receive hitstun, however unlike PvP will still inflict hitstun.
Ofelia - Manifestations of El taken the form of Eve's servants, Ophelia. Unlike the regular Ophelia, her attacks will inflict hitstun.
  • Nasod Grenade: Fire grenades out of her arm.
  • Nasod Blast: Fire a single explosive shot out of her arm.
  • Nasod Fission Bomb: Fire a series of explosives out of her arm.


  • Will not receive hitstun, however unlike PvP will still inflict hitstun.
Chung - Manifestations of El taken the form of Chung.
  • Iron Paladin Commands: He can perform basic Iron Paladin commands.
  • Siege Shelling: Siege Mode Stance. Chung will primarily act like a turret and fire 4 shots straight forwards with the last one having shorter distance, but radial seeking properties and great damage output, Super Armor during the whole Stance.
    • Consider not being near a Chung as he fires the 4th Shot as the shot can make a full circle towards you.
  • Guard: Increases the damage reduction effect of all Heavy Stance behavior.


  • Once Chung's HP falls below 50%, he will cease to have super armor during Siege Shelling and will begin actively hunting you like other enemies.
Ara - Manifestations of El taken the form of Ara.
Korytarz El - Trudny
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Obraz Opis Ataki
Elesis - Manifestations of El taken the form of Elesis.
Add - Manifestations of El taken the form of Add.
  • Lunatic Psyker Commands: He can perform basic Lunatic Psyker commands.
  • Quicksilver Accel: Flash forward with enormous speed, pulling enemies in and executing an attack combo.
  • Stasis Field: Creates an electrostatic field that damages nearby enemies. A 9 sec. countdown will begin, after elapsing, will cause Skill Freeze and create a sizeable explosion which will deal considerable damage, then Stasis Field will be re-casted right after.
    • The Explosion cannot be triggered in the middle of hitstun, even after the 9 sec. timer runs out.
Lu - Manifestations of El taken the form of Lu.
  • Noblesse Lu Commands: She can perform basic Noblesse commands as Lu.
  • Stomp: Leap forward and smash the ground to damage.
  • Hunting Prey: Charge forward and gather enemies to a single spot.
Ciel - Manifestations of El taken the form of Ciel.
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Obraz Opis Ataki
Wola EL - The will of the El itself. A test to prove your resolve to save Elsword.
  • Maximum Dive: Summon Raven. Dives forwards to create multiple chained explosions.
  • Dimension Link - Guardian: Summon Eve in the center of the map. Summons a Nasod Guardian that casts an electron wave on both sides. Stand on the highest platform or the platforms to the far right or left to avoid.
  • Aceldama: Summon Chung in the center of the map. Fire multiple missiles into the air that rain down towards the ground. The missiles will be evenly dispersed across the entire map. Stand under the middle platform to avoid.
  • Suppression: Summon Ara behind herself. Channel energy to drop a suppressing force from the sky.
  • Saber - Extinction: Summon Elesis on the far left or right. Swing her sword and slash it forward creating a shockwave which will travel most of the map. Stand on the far opposite of the map to avoid.
  • EMP Shock: Summon Add on top of the player. Severely damages surrounding enemies by creating a powerful electric pulse field. It will burn 100 MP if it lands a hit and does not have the extended effect range of the original skill.
  • Triple Threat: Warp into the background. Summon Aisha, Rena, and Lu/Ciel who will all perform devastating attacks. Will have Hyper Armor when activating this attack.
    • Lightning Shower: Summon Aisha at the center of the map. Summon numerous strikes of lightning. The bolts strike a consistent locations. Always spawns in the center and attacks before Rena and Lu/Ciel.
    • Gungnir: Summon Rena on the far left. Throw down multiple spears, attack simultaneously with Lu/Ciel.
    • Rain of Chaos: Summon Lu/Ciel on the far right. Throws a demonic spear into the air and descends to the ground as a rain of spears, attacks simultaneously with Rena.


  • The boss has perpetual super armor.


  • Agaur: Otwórzmy szczelinę, przez którą wejdziemy do Korytarza EL. Gotowi? Powodzenia.
Image Name Boss Character Stats
El's Aspiration
El's Aspiration
El's Aspiration

Face Accessory (Middle):

Action Speed +6%

Add. Damage +3%





  • Oddly enough, Specter Eve's attacks will summon Ancient Nasod Princess Apple's Oberon and Ophelia instead of the Specter versions.
  • Hall of El is the first mainline story dungeon to use solely artwork for its loading screen.
Alternatywne Nazwy
Serwer Nazwa Tłumaczenie
Korea Południowa 엘의 회랑 Corridor of El
Japonia エルの回廊 Corridor of El
Chiny (chiński uproszczony) 艾尔回廊 El Corridor
Niemcy Els Korridor Corridor of El
Hiszpania El Pasillo de El Corridor of El
Francja Corridor d'El Corridor of El
Włochy Corridoio di El Corridor of El
Polska Korytarz EL Corridor of El
Wielka Brytania El's Corridor
Brazylia Salão do El Corridor of El