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Feita, the secluded valley that leads to the Kingdom of Velder. The area is almost completely desolate, except for an ominous looking temple called the Feita Temple. As one traverses through the dry desert region from Bethma to Feita, one will notice the changing atmosphere...

Elsword and his team will have to find out what's currently happening in the Feita Temple and stop the source before it's too late!

Level Required to Enter:


NPCs: Mini Map:

Npc alvar.jpg Allegro Npc lento.jpg Lento

Special NPCs

Npc cobo ariel.jpg Ariel Npc camilla.jpg Camilla Rur.png Luriel Npc-glave.jpg Glave

DLG UI FIELD MAP Peita Village.png
Hunting Fields: BGMs:

Pilgrim's Gateway

Pilgrim's Site

Dead Man's Hill

Feita Village - field_rest_peita001

Unused Music in Region

Feita - dungeongate02


Dungeon Name Dungeon Name
3x-1select.png Shrine of Dedication Entrance 3x-4select.png Underground Garden
3x-2select.png Spiral Corridor 3x-5select.png The Heart of Spire
3x-3select.png Underground Chapel 3x-6select.png Altar of Dedication


  • Prior to the Hunting Fields update Feita was unique in that it was not an official village having the area where the quest NPCs are located double as the outskirt where dungeons are accessed.

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