Rising Dance

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RisingDance.png [Special Active: Bravery] Rise in the air and annihilate enemies with a sword dance.
Final Enhanced Skill
  • Damage is increased by 1.2 times.


Class Level Required
Blade Master 50

Skill Information

Mode Damage (Physical) Max Hits MP Usage Cooldown
Aerial Rampage Final Strike Aerial Rampage Final Strike
PvE 489% 2823% 14 1 300 MP 22 Seconds
PvP 157% 911%
PvE 587% 3388% 14 1 300 MP 22 Seconds
PvP 188% 1093%

Skill Traits

Light Rising Dance Heavy Rising Dance
Attribute Effect MP Usage Attribute Effect Cooldown
MP Usage decreased to 80% 240 MP Damage increased to 144%
Cooldown increased to 120%
26.4 Seconds

Total Damage

Mode Regular
Normal Heavy
PvE 11,606% 16,712.64%
PvP 3,725% 5,364%

Related Skills

FBPassive2.png Blade Acceleration

Tips and Details

  • The aerial rampage will not pull enemies into the air with it, making it hard to connect most of the skill's hits on very small enemies.
    • It is best used from a lower elevation than the enemy to ensure all hits as well as the final attack connect.
    • Once you've obtained the Blade Acceleration passive, the skill becomes significantly more consistent as it no longer ascends as high.
  • The final attack hits everything the visual slash afterimage connects with, making it hit enemies very far below you, up to a bit over 3 platforms lower.


Date Changes
07/18/2019 08/14/2019
  • Rising Dance added.
08/01/2019 08/14/2019
  • Damage decreased.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 라이징 댄스 Rising Dance
German Flag.png Germany Schwebender Tanz Hovering Dance
Spanish Flag.png Spain Danza flotante Hovering Dance
French Flag.png France Danse aérienne Aerial Dance
Italian Flag.png Italy Danza fluttuante Rising Dance
Polish Flag.png Poland Lewitujący Taniec Hovering Dance
English Flag.png United Kingdom Hovering Dance

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