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Only A Reminder for Wiki Developers.[edit]

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Here are some Templates that may help:

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    • These two have a glitch: they are case-insensitive. En and en works the same, but the URL is case-sensitive.
  • {{Ruby}}: Parse as <ruby> tag in HTML5 (See here for details).
  • {{Section}}: Make a gradient-header table sections. However, this Template's code would be polished sometimes, and may cause temporary break / slows down. If you encounter with these problems, feel free to message at Boxsnake.
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    • There are some tricks to escape some wikitexts (Wiki-tables, lists, some other wikis):
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        * HERE
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      • 3. Use {{!}} to escape |. in tables.

Map loading screens[edit]

you know how most pages have the KR one? Like Tree of El? I think we should change it. for instance instead of (1-1new) it should be moved to (1-1KR) and one of each language for each available version should be made. But if for instance there isnt a version of that language for it (like how there isnt a Taiwanese version of ToE.) then dont post the image for the ( xxx, ex. Taiwanese) version. If there isnt a server for that language, like /hu (I think thats hungarian? correct me if wrong.) and if that specific version of the dungeon doesnt exist in the server yet ( like 9-6 in NA.) then dont post it- but if, like for NA and UK, since they share a familiar language (english) use UK as a placeholder. like all those consumables from the last time I saw that page. :) thanks for your time. ~User:SonicEXE 2:24 PM EST 6.24.15

  • I get where you are coming from on this, however this feels like you want to region lock the information. I feel the information should be available for all people, regardless of their language setting. There is a "Game Updates" tab on the left hand side that specifically says what's released in your server and that's supposed to be accurate for all languages. They can use that. ~User:Risuki 12:50 PM MDT 24.6.15
    • I feel like that if, at least we put alts in gallery, even better match the languages, everyone can at least try to understand. Cause I feel like the images dont line up with the english translations. ~User:SonicEXE 5:49 PM EST 6.24.15

KD graph of new combos?[edit]

Anyone got a clue how the new combos for every class in KR work? We need to update the KD graph somehow --User:ShadowCrow 17:44, 26 September 2015

Several Concerns[edit]

  • Specific-level Items

For their base props, should we list them in % (say... Action Speed 1%) or the value for that level (for level 80, that would be Action Speed +128) or should we provide both?

  • Renewal Skill Attributes

I can go list them based on youtube videos but that would mean some info are outdated due to the follow-up patches. I currently have YR's and some of DE's in my docs. I'm no translator and I only really just use all prior info. Oops didn't notice the link at the earlier replies. Well it's still incomplete (and mine would've been incomplete anyway) so...

  • Accessories, Props, Etc.

I've seen the acce set and individual pages for Ereda and Golden acces and I was wondering if I could work on Wyvern's. I have a source for props, values and probability. I could also put up a list and/or translation on the armor appraisals for SD and Henir sets, if ever that's really necessary. Again, all taken from the source.

A little issue with the Wyvern props however would be that the template doesn't have the unique ones e.g. GoD Summons, Procs like Blast or Lightning, Max MP increase.

SND.png DesoTalk. 02:08, 18 October 2015 (CEST)

New Socketing and Skills Mechanics (asked on 12/25/2015)[edit]

- Firstly the new Dual Magic Stones (Gale, Absorption, etc)

What is the max value of those magic stones? 4% (Crit, all speed) For weapons from what I can get. How about armors? Is it 4% too?
 What about the shining dual MS? I have just recent play again after long break so with my rank reset, I cant get the new shining ones.

- Skills has been changed a lot, and several mechanics are not described/mentioned which may cause people to not fully understand it

 It would be really helpful if there are testers that helps in finding out how the skills work, damage derived from what, and whether add. damage status contributes in its damage.
 I have edited the Invincible Fire page about these matter. In the future I will also help testing few of them. But with lack of characters I have, help is appreciated. 

Request for chat[edit]

I think it'd be a nice idea to have a chat where official people(Gameforge Volunteers such as myself or hardcore NA players, possibly others as well) can talk with the elwiki contributors to improve overal quality. Peert 13:45, 19/07/2016 (CEST)

Hello, I'm new.[edit]

Q : How can I made some thing like this one :

Elsword is required to be Lv.15 to begin his first class advancement.

Elsword can decide between advancing as a Sword Knight, Magic Knight, Sheath Knight, or Root Knight.

Sword Knight SKJC2.png
Magic Knight MKJC2.png
Sheath Knight ShKJC2.png
Root Knight RKJC2.png

in my language ? Thanks.

A :

  1. create a template named Template:JobChange/vi (or something else)
  2. copy Template:JobChange's code to it
  3. edit the template you created

Q : Thanks but where can I find the code ?

A : As what i say, you can copy the code from Template:JobChange. Just like what you did in Elsword_World/vi.

Q : Oh thanks. This page is a blank page till I click on Edit button.

Heroic Equipment?[edit]

Is anyone going to finish making the pages for Heroic Equipment?

Also, I found that all three sets have the same stats as each other on each piece, excluding random effects/Heroic Presence and Set Effects.

Critical and Heavier traits on Elsword's Destruction skills have different Gauge gain?[edit]

Cause i have been noticing this for awhile but never bother looking into it until now but Critical Destruction skills from Els seems to have a lower Vitality gain and Destruction usage. Here's some recorded testing links.

For Critical (No Destruction cause Gyazo might RIP my older captures since i don't have Pro, but they consumes about the same).

Sword Slam's

For Heavier.

Sword Slam's

And yes i know about the Specialization A thing for Elsword so i checked and i have 0 on both chars, here's the link to my stats

Haven't tested this on Elesis so idk if it applied to her too, but if this is true, maybe we should add it in a Skill Traits' trivia?

Story question[edit]

It's about the storyline in Elysion. At the start of episode 25, I noticed that the 'Rose' tab is missing. I would like to know the entire story in Elysion in Rose's POV. Can you please update the 'Story' information? There are also some errors, like a certain question (Idk, maybe in Velder?) having this tab 'Main, Add, Ara, Luciel, Rose, Ain', and some of Add's dialogue in story mode being a bit outdated. Basically, the 'story' tab in Elysion is a bit outdated, in that there's no story for Rose, at start of episode 25. Neither Elrianode has this, up to the character joining the Elgang. According to a user, in Elrianode Rose and Zero visit Master Denif, which the blue haired girl suspect them, but she trust them after Rose show her tieband.

Okay, Seriously[edit]

I don't like that equipment pages only show the minimum value of identifiable stats. While it states that it can be increased by 1% based on Critical, which works for percent-based effects, the problem is that Element Resist is not percent-based, or at least not as obvious, so can you please just list the maximum values as well? Would make planning my builds so much easier. Thank you. FlareKyn (talk) 23:22, 22 June 2018 (UTC)

About Vanimir[edit]

1. Taiwan server updated that Vanimir will update on Jul 12. So NA should update at same week too ? -Paokung656- 2. In Vanimir it seems like there is new boss mechanic that make boss in Vanimir emit purple-color superarmor that also immune to debuffs additonal from normal superarmor. Should we include this data in stage ? What should we can it ? I suggest immunity or demon aura. -Paokung656-

  • Added date. But in regards to the Demon Aura, doesn't only appear in 12-2, haven't seen it in 12-1. And does is give debuff immunity? I'm just looking up a video and it seems the person is still able to inflict Bleed and Ice. Gameboy224 (talk) 15:07, 4 July 2018 (UTC)
  • According to this tread : . I think debuff that last long might still be inflicted. But debuff that apply while immunity (Use this because Elrianode boss& miniboss have it too) might not be inflicted. -Paokung656-
  • Ahh, I see now. Yah, should probably note which attacks do have it. Gameboy224 (talk) 18:35, 4 July 2018 (UTC)

About Knight Emperor's Weapon Section[edit]

Hello everyone its MCM,

I was wondering if we should add El Energy on the Weapon Section of Knight Emperor. I say this because he uses the El's power for skills like Absolute Judgement and/ModA Armageddon Blade. Thanks, --MCM (^_^)

About The Navigation Menu On The Left Side[edit]

Hello, I'm new here and I was searching a way to update the Navigation Menu on the left side, that shows in every page. The fact is that I didn't find a way to make this. I wish to update the Brazilian Navigation Menu, that is overpast. The Brazilian Navigation Menu stopped when Add was added. If someone could help I'll be thankful

Field Boss Cubes[edit]

Hello i'm new to editing on ElWiki but I've been playing Elsword for 7 years now. I just made my first edit to the field boss cubes items that you get out of them because as I've been beating them myself, I noticed you can get both 9+ Amulets and 10+ amulets from them so far which is new information to me and I noticed that neither was displayed on the field bosses page under the cubes. I added the names somehow but i'm just having trouble with changing the pictures to match correctly and all that.

  • Fixed. Images have been added. Rokujou (talk) 15:02, 30 August 2019 (EDT)

Elsword's Destruction Mode PvP Damage Tooltip[edit]

I just noticed that the Way of the Sword page was missing the PvP tooltip about the Destruction aura, so I added it. In PvP, the Destruction effects are halved, but every page is listing +50% damage even in the Total Damage PvP fields. I've already changed them all but I could have forgot some skills or made some calculation mistakes, so if you find any mistake correct them!

Server Status Tab[edit]

Wouldn't it be beneficial if there was a tab to give people the information if a certain server is down or up? I just feel like it'll give lots of people something to rely on and let them go on about their day until the servers come back online. There could be extra features only up to the main contributors of this website since I'm just a newbie. Kippy (talk) 00:58, 23 August 2020 (CEST)

Lore on job quest[edit]

I don't know who's going to see this, hopefully one of the wiki's admins or higher ups, but can we PLEASE add in the lore in job quests? The job quests all have lore related information on their journey and/or feelings into becoming the job that they are, and it gives some added context that the background lore does not include such as the fact that when becoming Immortal, Elsword was rushing to gain power, but eventually decided to rely on his friend's more, acknowledging that "Your friends are stronger than you think", something that ties in to the voice in forgotten elrian sanctum. It was only then that he calmed down and the black conwell sword was created. Does that not deserve to be shown in the job quests in wiki? After all, sometimes certain information are lost because no one records it into the elwiki, such as the skill notes. I remember one of elesis' skill notes mentioning Seighart (not the one from grand chase but since different worlds and stuff but still). I don't really want to do it myself as I'm not really well versed in coding and dont want to mess anything up..

  • Hello, it was done in the past as you can see it here. However, the dialogues were removed a long time ago from advance quests and that whole page content was removed as well. I agree with you, we can begin again and today's revamp will certainly help it, without forgetting to update the job change template. First we have to find a way to put those scripts in a pleasant way without stocking everything in the same page --Antiaris (talk) 03:22, 5 August 2021 (CEST)