Mędrzec Eteru

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Mini Icon - Aether Sage.png Aether Sage
Portrait - Aether SageNoFX.png
Full Name
Aisha Landar
Mini Icon - Aether Sage.png Aether Sage
Staff, Elemental Magic
Class Tree
Icon - Aisha.png > Icon - High Magician.png > Icon - Elemental Master.png > Icon - Elemental Master (Trans).png > Icon - Aether Sage.png
Release Date
Korean Flag.png 30 November 2017
American Flag.png 20 December 2017
Bresil Flag.png 20 December 2017
Japanese Flag.png 27 December 2017
Chinese Flag.png 27 December 2017
Taiwanese Flag.png 18 January 2018
European Union Flag.png 28 June 2018
UI - Magical Class.png
Feel honored to witness my magic!

Icon - Aether Sage.png Aether Sage[edit]

[The Enlightened Sage, master of elemental magic]

With a new found understanding of ultimate forms of elemental magic that she dubs 'Aether,'
Aisha can now simultaneously cast multiple high-level elemental magic at once.

AishaS6.png[Mod] - Blaze Step
Use to deliver a final blow. Flames will surround your body to prevent enemies from approaching, allowing you to deal damage without fear of attack.
ASHyper.png[Aether Immersion]
Power of Aether. A flashy attack, epitome of simultaneous elemental casting. Destroy everything through casting several elemental magics at once.
ASPassive1.png[Double Casting]
Enjoy the true epitome of elemental magic. You are now capable of double casting using the power of Aether. Relentlessly attack enemies with elemental magic.
ASPassive2.png[Sage's Wisdom]
Use elemental magic freely. Deliver explosive damage to enemies influenced by the elements.


Aisha is now enlightened with the ultimate form of elemental magic, "Aether". This job class now enables simultaneous casting magic of different elements.

When Aisha let the Ring of Mimir, an artifact that holds her true power, slip through her fingers a second time, she reflects upon her actions and what she has become.

"It's not like me, not knowing what to do!"

Aisha, who understands her powerful magic more than anyone, decided to take her magic to another level.

With the knowledge and mana gained from her experiences during her adventures, Aisha is now capable of handling multiple elements at once. When Aisha discovers this ultimate form of elemental magic, she names this new school of elemental magic "Aether".

Third Class Advancement[edit]

Skill Tree[edit]

Skills Passives

LockCover.png ASHyper.png

Blank.png ASPassive1.png ASPassive2.png Level 99
Overlay - Denif Sigil.png Master Class
Aether Splash Stage1.png

LockCover.png Aether Splash Stage2.png

LockCover.png Aether Splash Stage3.png

LockCover.png Aether Splash Stage4.png

Additional Combos[edit]

Exclamation.png : All damage values for new and preexisting combos receive a 1.15x multiplier during 3rd job.
Image Description Damage
Combo - Aether Sage 1.png Rock Path

After doing DR.pngX.png, break the land behind you, causing a road of rocks to burst out of the ground.

X.png 324% Mag. Damage
Z.png 53% Mag. Damage x3

Combo - Aether Sage 2.png Ignite

After launching enemies into the air with DR.pngZ.pngZ.png, charge your energy and release it in a single explosive burst of fire.

Z.png 189% Phy. Damage
Z.png 248% Phy. Damage
HoldX.png 404% ~ 601% Mag. Damage


Hyper Active[edit]

Force Mod Skill[edit]


  • In addition to these new skills, Aether Sage can also learn Force Skills.


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  • After the removal of Statue of Glory, Elemental Master had no more earth-element skills and text describing her mastery of the elements replaced any mentions of earth with lightning instead. However, as Aether Sage, the element returns as one of the elements she can control, as shown in her new >>XZ combo.

Alternative Names[edit]

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 에테르 세이지 Aether Sage
Japanese Flag.png Japan エーテルセージ Aether Sage
Taiwanese Flag.png Taiwan (Traditional Chinese) 乙太魔導 Aether Magician
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified Chinese) 以太贤者 Aether Sage
German Flag.png Germany Ätherkundige Aether Expert
Spanish Flag.png Spain Eterista Aetherist
French Flag.png France Étheriste Aetherist
Italian Flag.png Italy Esperta di etere Aether Expert
Polish Flag.png Poland Mędrzec Eteru Aether Sage
English Flag.png United Kingdom Aetherial
Bresil Flag.png Brazil Sábia do Eter Aether Sage