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ASPassive1.png [Passive] Double casting is possible using elemental magic with the new power of Aether. Press the skill key again to activate a chain skill.
  • Chain skills using double casting use 50% of normal MP cost and their damage is decreased to 70%
  • 10% Cooldown reduction to the first skill using double casting.


Class Level Required
Aether Sage 99

Chain Skills

By tapping the skill key twice, you can double cast the following skills.

First Skill Chain Skill
AishaS18.png Gust Storm AishaS9.png Blizzard Shower
MeteorCall.png Meteor Call EMTrans3.png Frost Barrage
EMTrans6.png Icicle Spear Circle FlameR.png Circle Flame

Skill Information

Skill Level Level Required Double Casting
First Skill Chain Skill
Cooldown Decrease Damage Decrease MP Usage
1 99 -10% -30% 50%

Tips and Details

  • Double casting will not activate if the Chain Skill is currently memorized, nor can you trigger a Chain Skill from a memorized initial skill.
  • Chain skills used through double casting will not have their cooldowns activated. (e.g. Double casting Gust Storm > Blizzard Shower will not activate Blizzard Shower's cooldown)
  • Chain skills can be activated even if you do not have them on your skill bar.
    • Locked skills like Blizzard Shower must be unlocked in order to be double casted.
  • Chain skills cannot stack "Upon using Strength Skill, Strength Skill's Damage for 10 seconds +*% (5 Stacks)"'s effect and are not affected by MP Cost stat and traits that alter MP cost like the "Critical" trait.
  • You can trigger a chain skill as long as the initial skill's animation hasn't allowed you to start moving again.


Date Changes
07/18/2019 08/14/2019
  • Changed Cyclone to Circle Flame.
  • Chain Skill does 30% less damage.
  • Chain Skill's MP Usage is decreased.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 더블 캐스팅 Double Casting
Japanese Flag.png Japan ダブルキャスティング Double Casting
Flag-tw.png Taiwan (Traditional Chinese) 連貫投射 Link Up Casting
German Flag.png Germany Doppelzauber Double Spell
Spanish Flag.png Spain Hechizo doble Double Spell
French Flag.png France Double sort Double Spell
Italian Flag.png Italy Magia doppia Double Magic
Polish Flag.png Poland Podwójne zaklęcie Double Spell
English Flag.png United Kingdom Double Spell
Bresil Flag.png Brazil Conjuração Dupla Double Casting

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