Altar of Evil

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DemActive22.png [Special Active: Bravery] Let the dormant energy within overflow and enforce the agreement with Ciel to its highest value. Regain the strength and body from your glory days.
During your Manic Demon Form, gain Super Armor. Basic commands and skill will be changed and existing commands, skills, and mana break will not be available.
Manic Demon Form
  • Super Armor State
  • ZZZZ and XXX(Hold) commands are added.
  • Death Touch : Absorb the HP/MP of one enemy.
  • Mortal Fear : Additional broad rang damage and stun debuff granted.
  • Thorns of Hell : Nearby range attack.
  • Dark Plasma : Frontal wide-area attack.
  • Abyssal Gate : Frontal wide-area attack.
  • Restore 1 Combination Point every 6 seconds of the remaining duration when cancelled.
  • Duration : 30 seconds (9 seconds in PvP)
Combination Skill
Final Enhanced Skill
  • Damage is increased by 1.2 times.


Class Level Required
Diabla 35

Skill Information[edit]

Mode Demonic Release
Max Hits Altar of Evil CP Usage MP Usage Cooldown
Activation Cancel CP Gain per 6 seconds
remaining when cancelled
PvE 4103% 1 1 1 CP 30 Seconds 10 CP 0 MP 20 Seconds
PvP 1403% 9 Seconds
PvE 4924% 1 1 1 CP 30 Seconds 10 CP 0 MP 20 Seconds
PvP 1684% 9 Seconds

Manic Demon Combos[edit]

Exclamation.png : All damage values for new and preexisting combos receive a 1.05x , 1.1x and 1.15x multiplier during 1st, 2nd and 3rd job respectively.
Combo Description Damage [Enhanced] Damage
Z.pngZ.pngZ.pngZ.png Dark Disruption

Generates two spheres of energy that stun enemies and fire a third forward that drags enemies with it, before rushing forward and enveloping yourself in demonic energy, knocking enemies away.

Z.png 209% Phy. Damage
Z.png 257% Phy. Damage
Z.png 153% Phy. Damage x3 + 102% Phy. Damage x2
Z.png 404% Phy. Damage

Z.png 251% Phy. Damage
Z.png 308% Phy. Damage
Z.png 184% Phy. Damage x3 + 122% Phy. Damage x2
Z.png 485% Phy. Damage

X.pngX.pngHoldX.png Spears of Evil

Generate 3 soul spears out of pure darkness that home in on nearby enemies and explode, before firing an energy sphere forward that drags enemies with it. Finish by charging up 3 to 8 soul spears that deal more damage than the first set, and will pierce enemies once.

X.png 94% Phy. Damage + 117% Phy. Damage x3 (6 MP)
X.png 139% Phy. Damage x7 (6 MP)
HoldX.png 238% Phy. Damage + 117% Phy. Damage x3~8 (6~16 MP)

X.png 113% Phy. Damage + 140% Phy. Damage x3 (6 MP)
X.png 167% Phy. Damage x7 (6 MP)
HoldX.png 286% Phy. Damage + 140% Phy. Damage x3~8 (6~16 MP)

U.pngZ.png Touch of Darkness

Generate a single sphere of dark energy while in the air.

Z.png 225% Phy. Damage

Z.png 270% Phy. Damage

U.pngX.png Aerial Spears

Generate 3 soul spears out of pure darkness that home in on nearby enemies and explode. Can be repeated multiple times while falling.

X.png 94% Phy. Damage + 117% Phy. Damage x3 (6 MP)

X.png 113% Phy. Damage + 140% Phy. Damage x3 (6 MP)

Manic Demon Skills[edit]

DemActive5.png Death Touch DemActive6.png Mortal Fear ThornsHell.png Thorns of Hell DemActive7.png Dark Plasma DiablaHellGate.png Abyssal Gate DemActive22A.png Cancel Skill

Skill Traits[edit]

Mode Haste Altar of Evil Killing Blow (1) Altar of Evil
Attribute Effect Cooldown Attribute Effect Duration
PvE Cooldown decreased to 80% 16 Seconds Skill effect's duration increased to 130% 39 Seconds
PvP 11.7 Seconds

Total Damage[edit]

Mode Regular Codex Gigas (When using Cancel Skill)
PvE 9,848% 11,325.2%
PvP 3,368% 3,873.2%

Related Skills[edit]

DemPassive5.png Manic Demon Form - Destruction
Lock.gifLv60Book.png Camilla's Secret Manual (Expert) is needed to unlock this skill, available through the Expert Training Skill Quest or Item Mall.
DemTrans4.png Awakened Will: Demonio DemTrans5.png True Demon
Lock.gifForbidden Tome of Secrets II.png Forbidden Secret Manual (II) is needed to unlock this skill, available through the Power of Transcendence Skill Quest or Item Mall.
CodexGigas.PNG Codex Gigas

Tips and Details[edit]

  • As you cannot use any other skills or attacks while in Manic Demon Form, it is best to use certain buff skills before activating Altar of Evil.
  • The third Z.png during her combo will instead hit 2 + 4 times should you not press the 4th Z.png.
  • HoldX.png works much like Mega Electron Ball : Justice and can be charged and held while doing other things. However, casting a skill will cancel the attack.
    • The spears are capable of homing back in on the same target after piercing, for a maximum of 6~16 explosion (117%) hits on one target.
  • Be warned that dodging attacks is significantly more difficult in this state as Lu is not as mobile and lacks the ability to phase through enemies.
  • Pressing Z.png immediately after DRU.png causes Lu to jump abnormally high.
  • Awakening while in Manic Demon Form when a loading screen appears will cause the awakening to be canceled.
    • In the same way, if a room transition interrupts Lu mid-transformation, your CP will be used and the transformation will not happen.
      • Strangely, if the Manic Demon cancel sequence is interrupted, your CP will still be safely returned and its attack will be stored and automatically used shortly afterwards.
  • You can technically bring up your secondary skill slots during Manic Demon, even though visually they won't show up.
    • However, you'll be unable to use Manic Demon Skills or the skills equipped to those slots.



  • Lu's voice becomes slightly deeper while in Manic Demon Form, most noticeable during one of her victory poses.
  • While Noblesse gains her power back naturally over time, Diabla instead forces the power out of her body instantly, heavily straining her contract with Ciel.
  • Her X.png attack fires soul spears that are similar to the ones in Noblesse's Soul Sigil, Spectral Spear, and Spirit Enhance skills, though they look more sinister to further signify Lu's now more evil personality.


Date Changes
05/03/2016 09/07/2016
  • Altar of Evil added.
05/12/2016 -
  • Fixed issue where Berthe howls on it continuously.
05/19/2016 -
  • Z.png command speed increased. Cancel points adjusted to be smoother.
  • Fixed issue where skill name keep popping during the skill.
  • Fixed issue where skill remaining after time limit in certain maps.
  • Fixed issue where Mana Break gauge rising when using X.pngX.pngHoldX.png .
  • Fixed issue where Berthe howls on it continuously.
  • Fixed issue of there not being invincibility and delay when Awakening during Manic Demon Form.
  • Fixed issue of '300MP skill damage increase' option affecting Manic Demon commands.
  • None
  • Modifiers added to X.png command.
  • Duration changed from 30 to 15 Seconds.
05/19/2016 -
  • X.pngX.pngHoldX.png's homing curve amount decreased.
  • None
  • X.pngX.pngHoldX.png's homing radius decreased.
10/20/2016 -
  • Fixed issue where elements effect can still be seen after using the skill.
01/12/2017 01/24/2017
  • Damage increased.
04/27/2017 05/10/2017
  • Fixed issue where not affected by Customization's "MP Usage decrease" effect.
  • Damage increased.
  • None
05/18/2017 05/31/2017
  • Fixed issue where cannot use some of the effects in Free Training during the skill.
06/15/2017 06/28/2017
  • Fixed issue where the skill will be canceled when using it during entering the next stage.
09/14/2017 -
  • Cooldown display error fixed.
04/05/2018 04/18/2018
  • Damage increased.
07/26/2018 08/08/2018
  • X.png command MP gain decreased.
08/23/2018 09/06/2018
  • None
  • Duration decreased.
01/31/2019 03/06/2019
  • None
  • Duration decreased.
03/07/2019 03/27/2019
  • MP Gain from commands decreased by half.
08/01/2019 08/28/2019
  • Added new Manic Demon Skills: Thorns of Hell and Abyssal Gate.
  • Can jump, dash and throw items when skill is cast.
  • Fixed being unable to dash in midair while in Manic Demon Form.
  • Fixed being able to Mana Break in Manic Demon Form.
  • Changed to be invincible when skill is cast.
10/08/2020 11/04/2020
  • Transformation speed increased by 82%.
03/25/2021 04/28/2021
  • Manic Demon Skill cooldown is also reduced when awakening while using The Setting Sun title.

Alternative Names[edit]

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 알터 오브 이블 Altar of Evil
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified Chinese) 罪恶祭坛 Altar of Evil
German Flag.png Germany Altar des Bösen Altar of Evil
Spanish Flag.png Spain Altar del mal Altar of Evil
French Flag.png France Autel du Mal Altar of Evil
Italian Flag.png Italy Altare della malvagità Altar of Evil
Polish Flag.png Poland Ołtarz Zła Altar of Evil
Bresil Flag.png Brazil Altar do Mal Altar of Evil

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