Cheat Code: Rule Breaker

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CEmTrans5.png [Passive]
Required mana for Code: Recovery becomes 75% and recovers the HP of summoned units. It also increases the attack power of summoned units for a set duration (excludes hyperactives).
Summoned Oberon, Ophelia, Ferdinand each have an aura that will buff nearby allies.


Class Level Required Skill Requirement
Code: Empress: Transcendent 90 Power of Transcendence Skill Quest

Skill Information

Skill Level Level Required Code: Recovery - Attention
MP Usage
Status 332.png Self BuffCheat Code: Rule BreakerSelf BuffCheat Code: Rule Breaker
(Upon using Code: Recovery)
Status 600.png Party BuffOberon AuraParty BuffOberon Aura Status 601.png Party BuffOphelia AuraParty BuffOphelia Aura Status 602.png Party BuffFerdinand AuraParty BuffFerdinand Aura
HP Recovery
Summon Attack Power Increase Duration Special Active Damage Increase
This effect is multiplicative
to your current stats. 
Duration Physical/Magical Defense Increase
This effect is multiplicative
to your current stats. 
Received Damage Decrease
This effect is multiplicative
to your current stats. 
Duration Hyper Active Damage Increase
This effect is multiplicative
to your current stats. 
1 90 7.5 MP 5% 150% 30 Seconds 20% 10 Seconds 20% 20% 10 Seconds 30% 180 Seconds
1 90 7.5 MP 5% 12.5% 10 Seconds 2% 10 Seconds 2% 2% 10 Seconds 3% 180 Seconds

Tips and Details

  • The auras emitted by the summons will continuously refresh their durations while you are within range. Upon leaving the range of the auras, the duration will begin to count down.


Date Changes
07/28/2016 09/28/2016
  • Cheat Code: Rule Breaker added.
10/13/2016 11/23/2016
  • MP cost reduction for Code: Recovery decreased.
09/20/2018 10/11/2018
  • Duration increased.
  • None
01/17/2019 02/20/2019
  • Summon Damage Increase increased.
09/11/2019 09/25/2019
  • Summon Damage Increase increased.
  • Summon Damage Increase decreased.
08/27/2020 09/23/2020
  • Oberon Aura effect added.
  • Ophelia Aura effect added.
  • Ferdinand Aura effect added.
01/28/2021 02/24/2021
  • Oberon Aura Special Active Skill Damage Increase increased.
  • Ophelia Aura Physical/Magical Defense Increase increased.
  • Ophelia Aura Damage Received Decrease increased.
02/16/2023 03/15/2023
  • Improved to maintain all Summon Aura buffs for a certain amount of time after leaving their range.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 치트 코드 : 룰 브레이크 Cheat Code: Rule Break
Japanese Flag.png Japan チートコード:ルールブレイク Cheat Code: Rule Break
Taiwanese Flag.png Taiwan (Traditional Chinese) 戰略密碼:軸碎 Strategic Password: Balance Break
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified Chinese) 欺诈代码:规则破坏 Cheat Code: Rule Break
American Flag.png North America Cheat Code: Rule Break (prior to an unknown update)
German Flag.png Germany Cheat Code: Regelverstoß Cheat Code: Rule Break
Spanish Flag.png Spain Código: Infracción de las reglas Code: Rule Break
French Flag.png France Code de triche : infraction Cheat Code: Rule Break
Italian Flag.png Italy Codice Cheat: fallo Cheat Code: Error
Polish Flag.png Poland Cheat Code: Złamanie reguł Cheat Code: Rule Break