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Recall.png [Special Active: Bravery] The summons that have been attacking the enemies will be dismissed after dealing a final attack. (Excludes Hyper Actives). The attack is even more powerful when only 1 summon is being dismissed. (Can only be used when a summon is summoned.)
Core Activation Skill
  • Successful attack made during Awakening will activate the Core Attack.
Final Enhanced Skill
  • Damage is increased by 1.2 times.


Class Level Required
Code: Empress 50

Skill Information

Mode Dismiss (Physical) Damage Decrease
Per Additional Summon
Max Hits MP Usage Cooldown
PvE 832% -10% 9 Per Summon 250 MP 18 Seconds
PvP 317% -10%
PvE 998% -10% 9 Per Summon 250 MP 18 Seconds
PvP 380% -10%

Skill Traits

Gigantic Recall Light Recall
Attribute Effect Attribute Effect MP Usage
Skill size increased to 120% MP Usage decreased to 80% 200 MP

Total Damage

Mode Regular
Per Summon Max
1 Summon 2 Summons 3 Summons
PvE 8,982% 8,083.8% 7,185.6% 21,556.8%
PvP 3,420% 3,078% 2,736% 8,208%

Tips and Details

  • It's currently not known whether the skill's tooltip is mistaken or the skill is glitched, as each additional summon will lower the damage by 10%.
  • Each summon will cause the skill to occur in the location they are currently at, so it is advised to use Code: Recovery - Attention before activating this skill.
    • When clearing a dungeon room, it may prove effective to spread them out deliberately, however, as each summon on their own already deals a substantial amount of damage.
    • The Gigantic trait can help in ensuring the release attacks of multiple summons overlap easier.
  • The skill will hit anything inside the electric field that surrounds a summon during the skill, regardless of size or position, allowing it do deal full damage on anything.
  • When using a summon again while the previous summon is already on the field, the previous summon will still count for this skill as it disappears, allowing you to have additional release attacks occur.
    • With good timing and a lot of MP recovery items, it is possible to have all 3 summons on the field twice to cause 6 release attacks. This is possible due to Riseon Pride only causing the previous Oberon and Ophelia to disappear once you can already move again, allowing you to quickly cast Dimension Link - Century followed immediately by Recall. Due to the damage decay per summon currently in effect however, this drops the damage per hit considerably and is generally not worth attempting to perform.
  • It is highly recommended to use Riseon Pride (or Surface Cutting and Electronic Field) and Dimension Link - Century again after this skill in most situations, to re-summon your summons.


Date Changes
06/20/2019 07/17/2019
  • Recall added.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 리콜 Recall
German Flag.png Germany Rückruf Recall
Spanish Flag.png Spain Revocación Recall
French Flag.png France Rappel Recall
Italian Flag.png Italy Clamor
Polish Flag.png Poland Wycofanie Recall

Code: Empress Skills
Hyper Active
CT1.png Code: Thunderbolt
Special Active
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