Demonic Invasion

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DemPassive3.png [Passive] Maximize increase and when a duplicate enemy is hit within 3 seconds by a Command/Active skill, damage is increased and knockdown rate is decreased. (10 second cooldown)


Class Level Required
Demonio 35

Skill Information

Skill Level Level Required On hit with Command/Active within 3 Seconds
Maximize Increase Damage Increase Knockdown Reduction Reactivation Cooldown
1 35 15% 7.5% -4 10 Seconds
2 51 10% -6
3 56 12.5% -8
4 94 15% -10
1 35 5% 7.5% -4 10 Seconds
2 51 10% -6
3 56 12.5% -8
4 94 15% -10

Tips and Details

  • The duplicate enemy can be any enemy of the same kind, even the enemy you initially hit.
  • Due to the passive only boosting one hit, the best skills to use this passive with are Abyss Strike, which can easily be chained from a normal Z.png, or Ciel's version of Rapid Impact, which deals two hits and thus would have the second hit boosted.
  • Likely unintentional, this passive's cooldown resets every time you switch, effectively making it permanently boost certain hits during a switch combo such as >>^XZX or >>ZXXXXZ.


Date Changes
05/03/2016 09/07/2016
  • Demonic Invasion added.
09/08/2016 -
  • None
  • Fixed issue where not activating.
04/25/2019 05/22/2019
  • Damage Increase decreased.
  • Knockdown Reduction decreased.
08/01/2019 08/28/2019
  • Maximize increase effect added.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 마기의 침습 Invasion of Demonic Energy
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified Chinese) 魔气侵蚀 Invasion of Demonic Energy
American Flag.png North America Invasion of Demonic Energy (prior to an unknown update)
German Flag.png Germany Dämonenenergie-Überfall Invasion of Demonic Energy
Spanish Flag.png Spain Asalto de energía demoníaca Assault of Demonic Energy
French Flag.png France Déferlement d'énergie démoniaque Surge of Demonic Energy
Italian Flag.png Italy Assalto demoniaco Demonic Assault
Polish Flag.png Poland Napad Demonicznej Energii Assault of Demonic Energy
English Flag.png United Kingdom Demonic Energy Assault
Bresil Flag.png Brazil Invasão de Poder Demoníaco Invasion of Demonic Energy

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