Whispering Wind (Stage 3)

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Whispering Wind Stage3.png [Master Skill Stage 3] Fire a giant arrow with the Spirit of Wind. The arrow will leave a trace of explosion.
  • Hold the [Skill Key] to aim the attack up/down.
Master Skill is unaffected by skill enhance effects except Master-only effects.


Class Level Required Skill Requirement
Daybreaker : Master Class 99 Master Skill Stage 3 Quest

Skill Information

Mode Damage (Magical) Max Hits MP Usage Cooldown
Single Shot Explosion Trace Single Shot Explosion Trace
PvE 4521% 3309% 10 300 MP 43 Seconds
PvP 596% 440%

Total Damage

Mode Average Maximum
PvE 31,320% 78,300%
PvP 4,144% 10,360%
  • Average assumes 4 Single Shot hits.

Tips and Details

  • Each Single Shot hit spawns an Explosion Trace hit.


  • Rena's voice line for the skill calls it Whispering Wind, rather than its Korean name.


Date Changes
01/16/2020 02/12/2020
  • Whispering Wind added.
02/27/2020 03/25/2020
  • Damage increased.
  • Explosion Trace damage increased.
  • Single Shot damage decreased.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 정령의 속삭임 Whisper of Spirits
Spanish Flag.png Spain Susurros de los espíritus Whispers of Spirits
French Flag.png France Suggestion des esprits Suggestion of Spirits