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Elder Village's Alchemist
Name Echo
Role Elder Village's Alchemist
Location Elder Village
Age 14
Suru... suru... What brings you to Echo?

~ Echo


Official Description

Elder Village's lollipop-loving Echo was trained in the ways of the Alchemist by her parents. Her enchanting and crafting skills are without equal. Go to her if you need something special.


A Request from Wally

A prodigy of an alchemist, she was trained in alchemy by her parents. Prior to the events leading up the infiltration of Wally's Castle, Wally had personally visited Echo with Nasod parts, requesting if she could be of aid in his project. Unaware of where Wally would have gotten such parts, Echo still aided Wally with whatever information she could salvage about the topic. She supplied Wally with some papers about ancient Nasod technology which he used to draft his Nasod blueprints.

Meeting Add

After Add escaped the library, he made his way to Elder, where he meets Echo. Add was drawn to an ancient Nasod rotor that Echo had found in her grandfather's storage. Echo was interested to see if Add knew how to use the rotor, but unfortunately, Add does not have much knowledge about ancient Nasods, much to Echo's annoyance. She then requests Add to check out the Underground Waterway due to plants dying inexplicably. She suspects EMP waves may be the culprit. Add, interested by the EMP waves, took on the task. She gave Add a new change of clothes that she found in storage after pointing out his slave collar was drawing attention. She gave Add the rotor and he made his way.

Chapter 3: The secret of Wally's Castle

During the invasion of Wally's Castle, Echo reveals to the Elder resistance that she was aware of Wally's investigation into Nasod technology.

Chapter 32: Recuperation

After the El Search Party drove Wally out and left Elder, the Elder Merchants worked on restoring the village's economy. After things have normalized, Hoffman decided to host a feast for all of Elder. Luichel, went to invite villagers and made her way to Swordsmith Cat to invite Lenphad. Luichel tells Lenphad that Hoffman is holding a grand feast in celebration, to celebrate the great strives they have made to restore their village. Lenphad accepted the invitation with much gusto, so much so that Echo appears and complains that his laughter woke her up from her pleasant nap. Luichel invites the invitation to Echo as well, who accepts on the condition that there is candy.

Obtainable Quests

RepeatOrder from Wally's Castle
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • No requirements needed
  • Collect 6 Bat Wings

Let's collect some research materials for Echo.

Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 0 HP Potion Intermediate.png Intermediate HP Potion x2 NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 0 MP Potion Intermediate.png Intermediate MP Potion x2 NOIMAGE.png N/A



Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 에코 Echo
Japanese Flag.png Japan エコ Echo
German Flag.png Germany Ekko Echo
Spanish Flag.png Spain Eco Echo
French Flag.png France Ekko Echo
Italian Flag.png Italy Ekko Echo
Polish Flag.png Poland Ekko
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