Sword of the Sun - Solarius (Stage 3)

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SunSwordSolariusS3.png [Master Skill Stage 3] Mix the El energy within with the Sun energy to create your own sword. The mixed energy will fall from the sky and deals damage to nearby enemies.
Then, Knight Emperor will pull out the sword from the ground and perform a slash attack 2 times.
Master Skill is unaffected by skill enhance effects except Master-only effects.


Class Level Required Skill Requirement
Knight Emperor : Master Class 99 Master Skill Stage 3 Quest

Skill Information

Level Required Damage (Physical) Max Hits MP Usage Cooldown
Sword of the Sun Fall Sword of the Sun Slash Sword of the Sun Fall Sword of the Sun Slash
PvE 8169% 7312% 1 2 300 MP 43 Seconds
PvP 1086% 972%

Total Damage

Mode Regular
PvE 22,793%
PvP 3,030%

Tips and Details



Date Changes
02/27/2020 03/25/2020
  • Sword of the Sun - Solarius added.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 태양검 - 솔라리우스 Sword of the Sun - Solarius

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KEPassive1.png Persistence     KEPassive2.png Battle Ready
Master Skill
SunSwordSolariusS1.pngSunSwordSolariusS2.pngSunSwordSolariusS3.pngSunSwordSolariusS4.png Sword of the Sun - Solarius (1/2/3/4)
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