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Trosh's Nest

Trosh's Nest.
Recommended Level
Required Combat Power
Dungeon Layout

Demon Realm

  • The El's power does not reach into this realm, Attack and HP will be reduced by 60%.
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Monster Image Monster Description Monster Moves
13-3 Mob 1.png Armadura - A large mollusk hiding inside a reinforced shell.
  • Charge: Retreat into its shell, drastically raising its defense before rushing forwards, dealing damage to whatever is in its way.
  • Shell Sprout: Flip itself, causing a field of shells to sprout of the ground in front of it.
13-3 Mob 2.png Siren - A flying electrical jellyfish.
  • Teleport: Disappear and reappear next to a target.
  • Zap: Raise up and release an electric discharge from its tentacles.
  • Whirlpool Shock: Suck in players into a whirlpool in front of it, dealing continuous damage. The attack prevents skill usage while being sucked in and inflicts no hitstun.


  • The jellyfish has an electrical aura which will passively do damage to nearby players.
13-3 Mob 3.png Homon - A flying seahorse.
  • Tackle: Wind back and lunge itself, it is able to aim this attack, adjusting its angle based on what it is aiming at.


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Obstacles Image Obstacles Description
Pitfalls - Segments of the map drop off into a pit, typically where the water flows, falling down one of these will result in a percent loss in HP.
13-3 Obstacle 2.png Water Flow - Irrigation pipes line the area with water flowing through them. Standing on these pipes will cause you to be dragged along with the water.
13-3 Obstacle 3.png Geysers - Geysers will be spread throughout the map, these pillars of water will gradually lift whoever it standing within them. Note that being within a geyser will cancel any other animation, including skills.


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Monster Image Boss Description Boss Moves
13-3 Boss.png Trosh (3x) - A winged insectoid creature carrying some type of clockwork device.
  • Teleport: The Troshes can sometimes teleport to different spots on the map.
  • Bubble Circle: Generate 5 bubbles which circle around it an outward fashion before bursting.
  • Bubble Blower: Raise its device into the air and generate three large bubbles which descent at a downward angle before popping.
  • Bubble Bomb: Create a giant bubble which pops with a vortex explosion.
  • Reflector Aura: Encase itself in a red bubble, enemies within a certain range will inflicted with Damage Reflect.
  • Absorbing Aura: Encase itself in a blue bubble, converting all damage taken into health.
  • Time Jam: Create a field at the bottom of the map which will force skills into cooldown.


  • All bubble attacks will inflict Movement Slowdown.
  • Time Jam will only be used if a player is at the bottom rather than either of the 3 elevated areas.


  • Haiban: Where are you hiding it? When is this ... Who? First face? Are you an intruder?
Boss DropsBGM

Image Name Boss Character Stats
Electromagnetic Field
Electromagnetic Field

Accessory (Bottom Piece):
+2% Adaptation.
When attacking, recover 1% HP(2s Cooldown) (Dungeon)
When attacking, recover 1% HP(20s Cooldown) (PvP)






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Alternative Names
Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 트로쉬의 둥지 Trosh's Nest

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