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Ara's Brother
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Full Name
Aren Haan
Formerly Human
Ara's Brother
Voice Actors
Korean Flag.png 장민혁 Jang Min-Hyeok
But if you continue to steadily devote yourself to your training, there will certainly come a day when you can openly express yourself.

~ Aren


Ara's step brother and the strongest warrior of the Haan family.


New Family

Before being possessed by the demon general Ran and invading Hamel, Aren Haan was a blood descendant of the famed Haan family of the Northern Empire Xin and the most respected son of the Haan family. He was loved by everybody in the clan. At some point, his mother died of unmentioned reasons and in time, his father had fallen in love with a new brave woman. Admiring her courage, Aren's father persisted her to marry until she accepted. Along with the woman was her daughter Ara. Whilst his new mother got along with his father perfectly fine, his siblings constantly teased her and Ara. Aren, however, chose not to partake in such actions and treated them much like family.

Even when Ara felt depressed, saddened, and not knowing what she should do, Aren was there to comfort her. He requested to spar with his sister. He easily dodged and deflected her early attacks. Knowing his sister was hesitant, he pushed her to become more serious. After she won with her spear right below his chin, Aren admitted defeat. He tells his sister that she should devote herself to her training and one day, she will be able to openly express herself.

The Festival

Sometime before the festival gathering, all of the powerful families of the Northern Empire arrived. Aren alongside his entire family went to the Northern Empire's capital to attend the festival and remain on good terms with the Emperor. During the festival, one of the main attractions was a sparring competition between the various families, but Aren injured his arm while riding horseback and could not participate. His fellow siblings compete but despite the Haan family's famed skills, they were defeated by members of the Jin family. The Jin family was disappointed that they were not able to fight the Haan family's best warrior but were happy that their family was victorious. However, Aren spoke up and mentioned that there was one more member of the Haan family which they had not fought yet, his step-sister Ara. Ara heard her brother's words and stepped forward. She competed against the Jin family's fighter and won the battle. Aren watched the battle and when it was over, he spoke confidently to his sister that he was right about her all along.

Warrior of Fahrmann

One day, Aren partook a post in Fahrmann's capital and left the village of Isshin. The demons came from the Demon World and attacked Fahrmann, starting with the capital. Unable to defend against the demon invasion forever, the capital fell and Aren's strong connection to the Moon El made him a prime target for the demons.

The Demon Commander

Losing the invasion, he came upon the demon Ran, who would take control of his body. Aren struggles under the control of the demon but his struggles are not enough to break free of his control. Under the control of Ran, he would partake in the demon invasion of Elrios. Despite being under Ran's control, Aren is still able to have a slight grip over his body and continues to try and fight off Ran.

Abandonment By Ran

Chapter 53: Shadow Earl's Castle

Chapter 54: Ominous Red Demon Territory

Chapter 58-1: Gathered Again

Chapter 59: King of Abyss

Chapter 60: Collapsing Abyss



  • When humans turn into half-demons, it is shown that their hair turns white and, over time given enough demonic energy, horns may grow on their head. Aren's hair was originally black.
    • It should be noted that unlike Ciel's demon conversion, Aren was instead being possessed against his will by a separate entity, the demon general Ran.
    • After Ran leaves Aren's body, his skin can be seen fading back to a normal, although very pale, human coloration, implying Ran himself is what caused the skin change, rather than it being caused by Aren's half-demon transformation. On top of that, due to lacking much of the demonic energy supplied by Ran, his horns have disappeared.
    • As shown in the anime and Ara's backstory and webtoon, Aren was very aware of what was happening while being possessed, unable to act in most cases, but being able to assert some control over his body whenever Ara was threatened.
  • Strangely, Aren's still demonic-looking right eye has black sclera, while Ran's real form has white ones. His sclera were sometimes depicted as white while still possessed as well, making it unclear what they are canonically supposed to look like.
  • Aren Haan wrote the skill notes Whale Hunter and Wobbly.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 아렌 한 Aren Haan
Japanese Flag.png Japan アレン・ハーン Aren Haan
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified Chinese) 阿炼·韩 Aren Haan

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