Awakened Will: Code Battle Seraph

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CodeBattleSeraphPassive4.png [Passive]
When Force Field is activated, increase the Magical Attack Power per active Force Field. Also, using a skill will recover a portion of mana consumed per active Force Field. Can also perform an additional Air Dash & DRU.pngZ.pngIndictorOverlay.png X.png command.


Class Level Required
Code: Battle Seraph: Transcendent 70

Skill Information

Skill Level Level Required Magical Attack Increase
Upon Activating Amplification /
Spectrum / Reactive Field
Magical Attack Increase
Upon Activating Fusion Field
MP Recovery
(Per Force Field)
Aerial Dash, DRU.pngZ.pngIndictorOverlay.png X.png
Input Increase
1 70 20% 30% 5% 2
1 70 4% 6% 5% 1

Tips and Details

  • The MP recovery is based on how much MP a skill consumes (after Skill Traits or any MP Reduction effects). For example, with 1 force field, a skill that consumes 100 MP will recover 5 MP.
  • Despite the tooltip stating force fields in general, no force fields aside from El Crystal Spectrum provided by other skills count towards this passive.
    • With a normal field active from El Crystal Spectrum, you will only gain 20% (4% in PvP) Magical Attack power and recover 5% of a skill's MP cost.
    • The Fusion field from Energetic Heart counts as 3 force fields, however, granting you 30% (6% in PvP) Magical Attack power and recovering 15% of a skill's MP cost.
  • Both the attack power increase and MP recovery are always active whenever you have a force field active, so even skills that do not use a force field will benefit from this passive.
  • The aerial dash and DRU.pngZ.pngIndictorOverlay.png X.png increases are separate. With Level 4 Photon Booster, this allows you to perform an aerial dash 7 times in total and then follow up with an additional 5 DRU.pngZ.pngIndictorOverlay.png X.png command dashes.


Date Changes
07/28/2016 09/28/2016
  • Awakened Will: Code: Battle Seraph added.
10/13/2016 11/23/2016
  • MP Recovery per Field decreased.
11/16/2016 11/23/2016
  • Fixed issue where Additional DRU.pngZ.png[ X.png ] command only increased by 1.
03/12/2020 04/08/2020
  • Magical Attack Increase increased.
  • None

Aerial Dash, DRU.pngZ.png[ X.png ] Command Increase decreased.

07/02/2020 07/29/2020
  • Magical Attack Increase decreased.
03/25/2021 04/28/2021
  • Magical Attack Increase increased.
  • Magical Attack Increase decreased.
08/03/2023 08/30/2023
  • Magical Attack Increase per Force Field changed to a feature that increases Magical Attack depending on the active Force Field.
  • Magical Attack Increase increase.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 해방된 의지: 코드 배틀 세라프 Liberated Will: Code: Battle Seraph
Taiwanese Flag.png Taiwan (Traditional Chinese) 解放意志:熾天女皇 Liberated Will: Seraph Queen
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified Chinese) 解放的意志:炽天女王 Liberated Will: Seraph Queen
Polish Flag.png Poland Uwolniona Wola: Nazo-Serafin Liberated Will: Nasod Seraph
Brazil Flag.png Brazil Transcender: Código Serafim Transcend: Seraph Code