Ultra Optical Investigation

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[Passive] Through improved optical research, Spectrum switching becomes more swift and cooldown is reduced to 0.5 seconds.
Additional Force Field: Reactive (Green)
  • Use El Crystal Spectrum skill key to switch.
  • Electron/Beam attacks become piercing and homing attacks.


Class Level Required
Code: Battle Seraph 35

Skill Information

Skill Level Level Required Amplification Size Increase Using Field
Critical Rate Maximize
1 35 10% 3%
2 51 20% 6%
3 59 30% 9%
4 93 13%

Reactive Mode Information

Beam / Electron Damage Max Hits
x0.55 Varies per attack

Tips and Details

  • Any affected attacks will also suffer a decrease in MP regeneration, but the projectiles will have increased range.
  • Beams and Electron attacks will create different types of homing projectiles when passing through the field. Beams (such as Giga Stream) will create a large amount of tiny Electric Spears that do not pierce, Electron Balls (such as X.png and Mega Electron Ball : Flash) gain the ability to pierce enemies and hit twice, and Electron Triangles (such as X.pngX.pngX.png) can hit enemies multiple times.
    • Due to beam attacks not gaining any piercing properties, only Electron Ball and Electron Triangle attacks can deal full damage to multiple enemies.
    • In general the Reactive field hit count is roughly twice that of normal, though this can vary significantly between attacks. For example, since Electron Triangles already pierce, they can hit a total of ~4 times on enemies.
    • Kugelblitz, Tesla Shock : Spear, Taser Pilum and Energy Needles do not gain any additional hits, only gaining the homing properties.
    • Kugelblitz, Taser Pilum and Energy Needles retain their full damage when passing through this field.
  • Once you unlock this passive, El Crystal Spectrum will only do its activation animation when used initially, and changing modes occurs instantly instead. This also means no more hitstun can be dealt past the initial cast however.
    • Eve can also now change modes in midair.
  • When targets are not within homing range, the homing projectiles will scatter out randomly.
  • For any projectiles that gain piercing properties due to this skill, the range it can travel is based on where it last hit an enemy.
    • For example, if the range of the attack is 700, and it hits an enemy far into its range, the next enemy it can home into can be anywhere within 700 of the location of that enemy, significantly extending a skill's reach.


  • In NA, Induction Mode is renamed to Reactive Mode.


Date Changes
08/30/2012 09/04/2013
  • Ultra Optical Investigation added.
02/05/2015 -
  • Amplification Size Increase decreased.
09/20/2018 10/11/2018
  • Critical Rate using Field increased.
  • Maximize using Field effect added.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 초광학 연구 Hyper Optical Research
Japanese Flag.png Japan 超光谱研究 Ultra Spectrum Research
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified Chinese) 超光学研究 Ultra Optical Research
German Flag.png Germany Hyperoptik-Forschung Hyper Optical Research
Spanish Flag.png Spain Investigación de hiperlentes Hyper Lens Investigation
French Flag.png France Recherche hyperoptique Hyper Optical Research
Italian Flag.png Italy Scienza Iper-Ottica Hyper Optical Science
Polish Flag.png Poland Badania nad Hiperoptyką Hyper Optical Research
English Flag.png United Kingdom Hyper Optic Research
Bresil Flag.png Brazil Pesquisa Ótica Optical Research

Code: Battle Seraph Skills
Hyper Active
PAEM.png Psychic Artillery
Special Active
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Tesla Shock.png Tesla Shock : Spear     CBSTrans2.png Electronic Move
HOR.png Ultra Optical Investigation     HPE.png High-power Electronic Circuit     AdvancedElEnergyReactor.png El Energy Reactor     CBSTrans4.png Awakened Will: Code: Battle Seraph     TransShared.png Awakened One     CBSTrans5.png Cheat Code: Electro