Center of Altera Core

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Center of Altera Core

Center of Altera Core. A girl that holds the secret of the Nasods. She finally awakens deep inside Altera.
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Recommended Level
Appropriate Item Level
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Monster Image Monster Description Monster Moves
4-2 1.png Modified Nasod TYPE-C - Broken down barely functional Nasod Miner unit.
  • Drill Whack: The Miner will whack you with its arm.
  • Self-Destruct: When its HP is low it will activate a countdown clock and explode after 3 seconds.


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Obstacles Image Obstacles Description
EveTutorialStone.png Ruined Stone - Ruins of Altera Core's infrastructure have fallen over the years of neglect and now block the path.


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Monster Image Boss Description Boss Moves
CorruptNasodDriller1.png Modified Nasod TYPE-A - An abandoned driller created to excavate minerals and attack intruders. It somehow started moving again.
  • Shadow Burst: Erupt with a powerful dark aura.


  • Can only be defeated once the player has awakened.


  • Eve: Once upon a time, long before history was written, the Humans and their creations, the "Nasods," lived together in a glorious civilization. This age of prosperity quickly fell into ruins when the power of El began to fade. The Ancient Nasods rebelled and waged war against the Humans in their desire for the power of El. As the war continued, the El's power became weaker and weaker. The Nasods, whose power came from El, were defeated by the Humans. Only a few Ancient Nasods survived. They evacuated deep underground into their preservation devices... Over throusands of years, the weakened El slowly regained its energy. Eve, preserved in her preservation capsule, was reactivated when an El fragment flew into it after an explosion. Her surroundings have changed and was aware that a significant amount of time has passed. She explores the premise, hoping to find fellow Nasods roaming about... The Core and Nasod equipment were still intact...... but none of her Nasod friends were reactivated. Eve, the last Nasod, remained deep underground alone and tried to assess the situation. Eve experienced sensations presumably equivalent to the Human term 'loneliness'. In isolation, Eve discovered that some of the Core's systems remained operational. Eve calculated that the Core would require the renewed power of El to reactivate. As a result, she can reactivate all her fellow Nasods. There was no room for failure and she wished to revive the Nasod race. She reprogrammed her preservation capsule and made a direct link to the Core unit. Eve programmed the Core to improve itself by collecting the power of El and performing quantitative research on the new era. In return, it will create more advanced Nasods. However, she must sacrifice all her energy to reactivate the core. Once again, Eve entered her preservation unit to power the Core, hoping her efforts would not be wasted. Eve was reactivated again, but this time it was different. It was not an El shard that woke her, but a red-haired boy. There was a yellow-haired Elf woman and the dark-haired Human-Nasod hybrid with him.






Alternative Names
Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 알터라코어 중심부 Center of Altera Core
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified Chinese) 厄泰拉核心中心部 Center of Altera Core
German Flag.png Germany Zentrum des Altera-Core Center of Altera Core
Spanish Flag.png Spain Centro del Núcleo de Altera Center of Altera Core
French Flag.png France Centre du noyau d'Altera Center of Altera Core
Italian Flag.png Italy Centro del Nucleo di Altera Center of Altera Core
Polish Flag.png Poland Centrum Serca Altery Center of Altera Core
English Flag.png United Kingdom Altera Core

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