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InnoPassive2.png [Passive] Innocent's abilities will be enhanced based on how many souls they've collected.


Class Level Required
Innocent 99

Skill Information

Skill Level Level Required Communication - Duet
Physical / Magical Defense
(Per Gathered Soul)
Critical Damage
(Per Gathered Soul)
1 99 +12% +8%

Tips and Details

  • Because Gathered Souls are consumed for certain skills, these skills will not gain the benefits from the Critical Damage increase unless they are used during Stage 3 Awakening.
  • The Critical Damage increase is additive.


Date Changes
12/26/2017 -
  • Physical/Magical Defense Increase effect added.
  • MP Gain when Attacking Increase effect deleted.
09/20/2018 10/11/2018
  • Critical Damage buff calculation adjusted.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 교감 - 듀엣 Communication - Duet
German Flag.png Germany Verbundenheit - Duett Solidarity - Duet
Spanish Flag.png Spain Vínculo - Dueto Link - Duet
French Flag.png France Liens : duo Links : Duet
Italian Flag.png Italy Legame - Duetto Link - Duet
Polish Flag.png Poland Więź - Duet Link - Duet
English Flag.png United Kingdom Bond - Duet

Innocent Skills
Hyper Active
InnoHA.png Sefirot Phantasma
Force Change
Royalguard7.png Demonic Breath     Royalguard6.png Eschaton     Noblesse10.png Shadow     Noblesse09.png Shadow Bolt     Noblesse05.png Twilight Judgment     Noblesse12.png Swift Smash     NBTrans3.png Magdonic Cannon
InnoPassive1.png Innocent Duet     InnoPassive2.png Communication - Duet
Force Skills
Force Active
Drain.png Drain       TrackingSinister.png Haunting Spirit       ExtremeSpeed.png Hyper Acceleration       Obtenebration.png Obtenebration       Soul Harvest.png Soul Harvest       Thunderstorm.png Thunderstorm       Elrian Clock.png Elrian Clock       DeathFog.png Fog of Death
Force Passive
Eroding Aura.png Eroding Energy       Excessive Greed.png Get Greedy       Head Hunter.png Head Hunter       EnergyOfIllipia.png Illipia's Aura       Indomitable Will.png Indomitable Will       Lightning Chain.png Lightning Chain       Remaining El.png Remaining El's Aspiration