Do You Want to Get Wrecked?!

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Metamorphy - Passive 2.png [Passive] Permanently increase Critical Damage. Damage increase against enemies with 50% or more HP.


Class Level Required
Metamorphy 99

Skill Information

Skill Level Level Required Damage Increase on High HP Target Critical Damage Increase
Enemy HP Increase Amount
1 99 50% or higher 10% 7%


Date Changes
09/20/2018 10/11/2018
  • Critical Damage Increase effect added.
  • Energy Loss effect removed.
07/18/2019 08/14/2019
  • HP requirement for Damage Increase decreased.
  • Damage Increase decreased.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 부서져볼래?! Want to be Broken?!
Japanese Flag.png Japan 砕けてみる? Want to be Broken?
German Flag.png Germany Zerstörung gefällig? Want Destruction?
Spanish Flag.png Spain ¿Quieres destrucción? Want Destruction?
French Flag.png France La destruction au menu ? Destruction on the Menu?
Italian Flag.png Italy Un po' di distruzione? A Bit of Destruction?
Polish Flag.png Poland Ochota na Zniszczenie? Destruction Desire?
English Flag.png United Kingdom Destruction Time?
Bresil Flag.png Brazil Quer Apanhar?! Want to be Striked?!

Metamorphy Skills
Hyper Active
Metamorphy - Hyperactive.png My Magical Debut!
Force Mod
GuillotinePress2.png Guillotine Press     HeavyPress.png Heavy Press     DWActive1.png Space Distortion     DWSActive2.png Screw Driver     Shadow Body.png Energetic Body     DWSActive1.png Impact Hammer     DWTrans6.png Impact Zone
Metamorphy - Passive 1.png Makeup Enchant     Metamorphy - Passive 2.png Do You Want to Get Wrecked?!
Force Skills
Force Ability
Drain.png Drain       TrackingSinister.png Haunting Spirit       ExtremeSpeed.png Hyper Acceleration       Obtenebration.png Obtenebration       Soul Harvest.png Soul Harvest       Thunderstorm.png Thunderstorm       Elrian Clock.png Elrian Clock       DeathFog.png Fog of Death
Force Passive
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