Kinetic Bombardment

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Cet2.PNG [Passive]
Press U.png Key from Siege Shelling mode to switch to Kinetic Bombardment. Kinetic Bombardment uses all remaining Enhanced Cannonballs. The duration changes depending on how many Enhanced Cannonballs are used. Form a Gravity Portal above the enemy and prevent them from moving.
Can use Back Blast during Kinetic Bombardment to avoid attacks.

A pulse field that protects your body is formed after Kinetic Bombardment. This field reflects magic projectiles and increase MP Recovery when attacking.
Pulse field damages a nearby enemy once.


Class Level Required
Centurion 99

Skill Information

Skill Level Level Required Kinetic Bombardment Status 111.png Self BuffPulse FieldSelf BuffPulse Field
Gravity Field (Magical) Duration Max Hits Enhanced Cannonball Usage Pulse Field (Magical) MP Gain Increase Duration
1 99 163% 0.7 Seconds x [Enhanced Cannonballs Consumed] (Max: 4.2 Seconds) 3 ~ 13 1 ~ 6 295% 40% 4 Seconds
1 99 65% 0.7 Seconds x [Enhanced Cannonballs Consumed] (Max: 4.2 Seconds) 3 ~ 13 1 ~ 6 118% 40% 4 Seconds

Total Damage

PvE489% ~ 2,119%
PvP195% ~ 845%
  • Damage ranges from 1 ~ 6 Enhanced Cannonballs consumed.
  • Does not include Pulse Field damage.

Related Skills

Tips and Details

  • The Pulse Shield will reflect Magical Projectiles.
  • You are able to switch between this, Mobile Shelling and regular Siege Shelling at any time, so pressing D.png while in the Kinetic Bombardment stance will put you in Mobile Shelling stance.
    • This stance is much more focused on PvP, as the Pulse Field buff is generally much more useful there, and the Gravity Portal lacks the damage output or range of Mobile Shelling, though it can sometimes be used to keep certain smaller bosses locked in place.
  • Since the Gravity Field will suck in a hit opponent, the Pulse Field serves more as a back-up in case you miss or your opponent is in Super Armor, as you will otherwise likely be able to continue attacking them regardless of the amount of Enhanced Cannonballs spent.
  • The Pulse Field will also inflict hitstun the first time it comes into contact with an opponent.
  • As with Mobile Shelling, you cannot act out of this stance with the exception of Back Blast. However, as before, you are able to dash out of the stance switching animation when changing to either other stance.


Date Changes
02/08/2018 03/07/2018
  • Kinetic Bombardment added.
02/22/2018 03/21/2018
  • Fixed not being able to use Kinetic Bombardment after being resurrected.
04/05/2018 04/18/2018
  • Damage decreased.
01/31/2019 03/06/2019
  • Search range increased by 30%.
  • Search range decreased by 20%.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 중력 포격 Gravity Shelling
Japanese Flag.png Japan 重力砲撃 Gravity Shelling
German Flag.png Germany Gravitationsbeschuss Gravity Bombardment
Spanish Flag.png Spain Ametrallamiento gravitacional Gravity Bombardment
French Flag.png France Sous le feu gravitationnel Under the Gravity Firing
Italian Flag.png Italy Bombardamento gravitazionale Gravity Bombardment
Polish Flag.png Poland Ostrzał Grawitacyjny Gravity Bombardment
English Flag.png United Kingdom Gravitation Bombardment
Brazil Flag.png Brazil Bombardeio Gravitacional Gravity Shelling