Mobile Shelling

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[Passive] Change from Siege Stance to Mobile Siege Stance by pressing the D.png key. The enhanced cannonballs from the Mobile Siege load 1 for every 1 shot fired from the Siege Stance and pierces the enemy 3 times. Unused enhanced cannonballs are used to strengthen the normal cannonball skills.

You can quickly dodge during Mobile Shelling by using the [ Back Blast ] skill.


Class Level Required
Tactical Trooper 35

Skill Information

Skill Level Level Required Enhanced Cannonball
Blast (Magical)
Aim Range Range Increase
(From 1260)
Upward Downward Depth
1 35 2499% ~35° ~25° 25° 10%
2 51 2776% 20%
3 59 3085% 30%
3 92 3428%
1 35 187% ~35° ~25° 25° 10%
2 51 208% 20%
3 59 231% 30%
3 92 257%

Related Skills

ConvertedWarhead.png Modified Warhead TTTrans4.png Awakened Will: Tactical Trooper

Enhanced Cannonball Skill Boost

Tactical Trooper has a unique system that automatically uses enhanced cannonballs to increase the damage of certain skills. The red enhanced cannonballs are prioritized to substitute the blue cannonball cost, allowing some skills to be activated even if no blue cannonballs are available.

Skill Damage Increase
per Cannonball
Cannonballs Used Part of Skill
Max Skill
Damage Increase
Activate Without
Blue Cannonballs?
Visual Effect?
Rate Max
Aiming Shot 2% 1 All 2% Yes Yes
Impact Detonation 1 3 Shots 3-5 0.8% No Yes
[Mod] Impact Detonation All 3 All 2% Yes No
Chaos Cannon 5% 2 4 Shots 9-10 2% No No
Carpet Bombing All 6 Wave 3 10% - No
[Mod] Carpet Bombing All 6 All 30% - No
Dread Chase 1 5 Missiles 1-5 5% Yes Yes
Artillery Strike -
Missile Shower
All 6 All 30% Yes No
  • Max skill damage increase refers to how much the skill's total damage increases when the max amount of red cannonballs are used.
    • Impact Detonation's physical damage is the unlisted damage done to targets hit by the cannon.
  • Impact Detonation, and Dread Chase use 1 cannonball at a time, limiting the boost they get. E.g., if Dread Chase is used with 3 red and 2 blue cannonballs, the first 3 missiles are boosted by 5% each, not 15%. The remaining missiles are unaffected, so the total damage is increased by only 3%.
    • Chaos Cannon uses up to 2 red cannonballs per shot. When 1 red cannonball is left, the shot uses 1 blue cannonball as well and the boost is 5% instead of 10%.
  • [Mod] Impact Detonation will only ever do 2% more damage regardless of the number of red cannonballs consumed.

Tips and Details

  • One red cannonball is loaded for every Siege Shelling shots fired; no target is required.
  • Red missiles have longer range, larger explosions, and a significantly lower firing rate.
  • The missiles pierce twice and explode after traveling a set distance or hitting a third target.
    • An explosion will result from each hit, allowing the skill to hit each target up to 3 times.
  • Whenever Chung switches to Mobile Shelling, the camera will zoom out and pan to the side for the player to see foes further ahead.
  • Pressing down switches Chung back to Siege Shelling stance.
    • If he runs out of red cannonballs, he will automatically switch back.
    • Switching between Mobile and Siege Shelling will not reset the fired cannonball count of Siege Shelling. The seventh shot of Siege Shelling (no matter when fired) will always launch foes.
    • It is possible to bypass Siege Shelling and Mobile Shelling's standby MP cost by continually switching between the two.
  • Activating Berserk Mode will not give Chung infinite red cannonballs.
  • It is possible to cancel switching to Mobile Shelling stance by running just as Chung turns his cannon.
  • Unlike Siege Shelling, you cannot cancel into skills while in Mobile Shelling.
    • Falling off a platform will cancel the stance.
  • When Chung is in Mobile Shelling stance, a blue aura cloaks his cannon.

Old Version

Video Description
Between its initial release and the 07/10/2014 KR patch, Mobile Shelling did not fire a projectile. Instead, it would automatically hit the closest target within range, similar to Aiming Shot.


Date Changes
09/06/2012 10/02/2013
  • Mobile Shelling added.
07/10/2014 -
  • Damage increased.
  • Range increased and angles changed.
  • Fires tangible projectiles.
07/17/2014 -
  • Range error fixed.
  • None
  • Damage decreased.
02/05/2015 -
  • Range Increase decreased.
08/20/2015 01/27/2016
  • Switching and firing speed when switching between siege and mobile shelling increased.
  • Changed so 1 enhanced cannonballs load per 1 siege shelling shot.
  • Can use Back Blast while in Mobile shelling.
04/07/2016 -
  • Fixed issue where damage is different from tooltip.
04/27/2017 05/10/2017
  • None
  • Damage decreased.
04/05/2018 04/18/2018
  • Damage decreased.
08/01/2019 08/28/2019
  • Damage increased.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 이동 포격 Mobile Armored Mode
Japanese Flag.png Japan 移動砲撃 Mobile Shelling
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified Chinese) 移动炮击 Mobile Shelling
German Flag.png Germany Mobile Abschussposition Mobile Firing Stance
Spanish Flag.png Spain Posición de disparo móvil Mobile Firing Stance
French Flag.png France Position de tir mobile Mobile Firing Stance
Italian Flag.png Italy Posizione di Tiro Mobile Mobile Firing Stance
Polish Flag.png Poland Mobilna Pozycja Wystrzału Mobile Firing Stance
English Flag.png United Kingdom Mobile Firing Stance
Bresil Flag.png Brazil Habilidade Avançada de Artilharia Advanced Artillery Ability

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