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Mini Icon - Metamorphy.png Metamorphy
  • Normal
  • Magical Girl (Hyper)

Portrait - Metamorphy NoFX.png

Full Name
Aisha Landar
Mini Icon - Metamorphy.png Metamorphy
Staff, Space-Time Magic
Class Tree
Icon - Aisha.png > Icon - Battle Magician.png > Icon - Dimension Witch.png > Icon - Dimension Witch (Trans).png > Icon - Metamorphy.png
Release Date
Korean Flag.png 8 February 2018
Japanese Flag.png 7 March 2018
Chinese Flag.png 7 March 2018
American Flag.png 7 March 2018
Brazil Flag.png 7 March 2018
Taiwanese Flag.png 8 March 2018
European Union Flag.png 22 August 2018
UI - Physical Class.png
Tada~ Cutey, Beauty, Pretty, Metamorphy is here!!

Icon - Metamorphy.png Metamorfa

[The ultimate magical girl of the universe]

The most powerful magical girl in existence
who utilize the power of time and space to her own advantage.

[Mod] - Impact Zone
Create a distorted zone near you. Enemies hit will become immobile.
[My Magical Debut!]
Cutey, Beauty, Pretty, Metamorphy! Transform into a magical girl of hopes and dreams!
Metamorphy - Hyperactive.png
[Makeup Enchant]
Enhance Magical Makeup abilities. Defeat your enemy with more powerful transformation!
Metamorphy - Passive 1.png
[Do You Want to Get Wrecked?!]
The stronger your enemies, stronger you become. Watch your head!
Metamorphy - Passive 2.png


The most powerful magical girl in existence, who utilizes the power of distorted time and space to her own advantage. With explosive energy bursts and powerful attacks, she is capable of completely destroying her enemy.

When the El Search Party was attempting to save Elsword, Aisha witnesses the distortion of Time and Space due to the energy released by the Giant El. The Hall of El was a zone ever-changing by the power of El's Aspiration.

"If I can somehow apply this specific phenomenon to my power...!"

After trial and error, Aisha discovers that she needs explosive energy in order to maintain the distorted Time and Space and decides to unleash her magic power so she can maintain control. "That's more like it!"

The mana she has accumulated was enough to complete her new magic. Now, Aisha transforms into her ultimate form, becoming the strongest magical girl in the universe.

Third Class Advancement

Skill Tree

Skills Passives

LockCover.pngMetamorphy - Hyperactive.png

Metamorphy - Passive 1.png
Metamorphy - Passive 2.png
Level 99
Overlay - Denif Sigil.png Master Class
Energetic Pump Stage1.png

LockCover.pngEnergetic Pump Stage2.png


LockCover.pngEnergetic Pump Stage3.png


LockCover.pngEnergetic Pump Stage4.png

Additional Commands

Exclamation.png : All damage values for new and preexisting commands receive a 1.15x multiplier during 3rd job.
Image Description Damage
Combo - Metamorphy 1.png Stardust Glitter

After doing Z.pngZ.pngZ.png, create a close ranged field of star energy which can be held for additional hits while in Super Armor.

Z.png 161% Phy. Damage
Z.png 198% Phy. Damage
Z.png 236% Phy. Damage
HoldX.png 44% Phy. Damage x1~7

Combo - Metamorphy 2.png Stardust Drill

After doing DR.pngX.png, turn around and rush through enemies with a spatial drill attack which pulls enemies (even from behind) to your front. You will be in Super Armor during the drill.

X.png 108% Mag. Damage x6
Z.png 34% Phy. Damage x7


Date Changes
04/05/2018 -
  • DR.pngX.pngZ.png Super Armor duration decreased.


Hyper Active

Force Mod Skill

  • In addition to these new skills, Metamorphy can also learn Force Skills.



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  • Metamorphy's name is a reference to the term metamorphosis, whose meaning includes rapid growth spurts and cell growth. This also references Magical Makeup and My Magical Debut!.
  • Metamorphy's Magical Makeup model changes her hairstyle slightly but does not include the more drastic changes given by My Magical Debut! and does not have its own portrait.
  • While Dimension Witch's design is based predominantly on that of an idol singer, with some magical girl elements thrown into the mix, Metamorphy takes the magical girl elements of the class and emphasizes them to a massive extent, complete with heart-shaped attacks, laser beams, long transformation sequence, and even a nod to the darker entries of the genre with the Do You Want to Get Wrecked?! passive.
  • Upon job changing to Metamorphy, Aisha's eyes become a slightly brighter shade of purple, and her smile becomes wider.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 메타모르피 Metamorphy
Japanese Flag.png Japan メタモルフィ Metamorphy
Taiwanese Flag.png Taiwan (Traditional Chinese) 星光魔女 Starlight Witch
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified Chinese) 幻化魔仙 Metamorphose Magical Girl
Spanish Flag.png Spain Metamorfia Metamorphy
French Flag.png France Métamorphia Metamorphy
Polish Flag.png Poland Metamorfa Metamorphy
Brazil Flag.png Brazil Metamorfa Metamorphy