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Noblesse/Royal Guard


Noblesse is the result of Lu's growth under Ciel's loyal support. With her immense power she has a strong presence in the battlefield. Together with Ciel, her playstyle involves powerful firepower utilizing wide range attacks and repeated bombardment.


With substantial help from Ciel, Lu finally gets back her authority in the demon realm. She can now control evil spirits with the astounding power of her lineage. One by one, she makes enemies obey using her royalty and charm, finding those who betrayed her and stripping them of their influence.

Second Class Advancement

Skill Tree

Option 1 Fixed Option 2 Fixed
Level 35

Level 45
Level 50
Level 55

Level 60

Level 65

Additional Commands

 : Bullet and Soul damage is calculated before Soul Collector.
 : All damage values for new and preexisting commands receive a 1.1x multiplier during 2nd job.
Image Description Damage
Ciel Lu
Dash Switch

After doing the the first two commands of Royal Guard's Dash Sniper combo, you can switch over to the other character and impale enemies with soul spears. Pressing at the end will summon more spears (will be in Super Armor).

  • Despite it saying it starts with >>Z, the actual combos are as follows: >>ZXvXX and >>XXvXX.
  • Post 09/24/2015 KR patch:
    • Ciel is also able to perform this combo.

(After initial two dash commands)

[Switching Command]

Use this command to switch between Lu and Ciel and when this command hits, recover 1 Combination Gauge.
367% Phy. Damage

121% Mag. Damage x1~5

(After initial two dash commands)

[Switching Command]

Use this command to switch between Lu and Ciel and when this command hits, recover 1 Combination Gauge.
346% Phy. Damage

121% Mag. Damage x1~5

Aimed Sniper

The finishing blast in Royal Guard's Sniper Mode charged shot can now be aimed either upward or downwards. The aiming shot cannot be charged.

  • Post 09/24/2015 KR patch:
    • Lu is also able to perform this combo.

(In Sniper Mode)
250% Mag. Damage
250% Mag. Damage

(In Sniper Mode)
467% Mag. Damage
467% Mag. Damage


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  • Noblesse is a French term that refers to an indication of nobility.
  • Upon advancing to Noblesse, Lu's eyes in-game change to a more smug expression.
  • After advancing to Noblesse, Lu's character selection screen quote changes to match her new personality.
  • Noblesse's combination skill cut-in is a reference to their starting pose in the game.
  • Strangely, in Noblesse's skill cut-in, her claw is depicted with 5 fingers instead of 4 like her in-game model.
  • One of Noblesse's win poses can be done while facing the opposite direction of the player (left). This is most likely a bug.
    • Another bug for one of Noblesse's winning poses shows what seems to be a bunny ear accessory clipping through Ciel's Gunblades.
  • Ciel quotes that Lu was cuter when she was shorter and would prefer her to stay that way.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
South Korea 노블레스 Noblesse
Japan ノーブレス Noblesse
Taiwan (Traditional Chinese) 闇夜女爵 Night Baroness
China (Simplified Chinese) 皇家贵族 Royal Noblesse
Spain Nobleza Noblesse
France Noble
Thailand ขุนนาง Noblesse
Brazil Aristocrata Aristocrat