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Noblesse02.png [Passive] Increase all elemental resistance, and become enhanced for every tribute that is made.
  • Activates for every Gathered Soul gained
  • Recovers the Awakening Gauge
  • Increases buff duration
  • Activates once every 5 seconds
Noble Presence
  • Gained when Gathered Soul reaches maximum stacks.
  • Magic Attack increased.
  • Duration: 30 seconds


Class Level Required
Noblesse 60

Skill Information


Skill Level Level Required All Elemental Resistance Tribute Noble Presence
Awakening Gauge Recovered Buff Duration Increased Reactivation Cooldown Magical Attack Increase Duration
1 60 25 0.25% 0.4 Seconds 5 Seconds ?% 30 Seconds
2 62 63 0.63% 0.7 Seconds ?%
3 66 100 1% 1 Second ?%
4 99 137 1.37% 1.3 Seconds 20%


Skill Level Level Required Noble Presence
Magical Attack Increase Duration
1 60 ?% 30 Seconds
2 62 ?%
3 66 ?%
4 99 5%

Tips and Details

  • Tribute will extend the duration of Awakening Mode as well.
  • The duration of the buff will refresh whenever you gain souls when already at 5 stacks, so you do not need to spend souls to do so.


Date Changes
02/26/2015 -
  • 5 second of cooldown time added to Tribute effect activation.
  • Fixed Buff duration increase effect also being applied to debuffs.
  • Fixed issue where Awakening gauge being recovered caused the UI to overflow.
09/24/2015 -
  • Adds Noble Presence passive effect.
  • Add element resistance increase Noble Presence buff activates for 30 seconds if "Collected Soul" stacks.
11/19/2015 -
  • Fixed issue when extend the duration of the Awakening Mode buff.
05/17/2018 06/14/2018
  • Can no longer remove Power Stun.
09/20/2018 10/11/2018
  • Stacking effect deleted.
  • Sacrifice Effect deleted.
  • Noble Presence buff amount is adjusted.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 트리뷰트 Tribute
Japanese Flag.png Japan トリビュート Tribute
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified Chinese) 贡品 Tribute
German Flag.png Germany Tribut Tribute
Spanish Flag.png Spain Tributo Tribute
French Flag.png France Tribut Tribute
Polish Flag.png Poland Trybut Tribute
Bresil Flag.png Brazil Tributo Tribute

Noblesse Skills
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NoblesseHA.png Castle of Abaddon
Special Active
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Noblesse13.png Soul Sigil     Noblesse12.png Swift Smash
Noblesse04.png Spiritual Enhancement     Noblesse02.png Tribute     Noblesse01.png Nobility