[Mod] Bloody Spike

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[Special Active: Tenacity]
[Mod] Dive from midair, attacking enemies consecutively with the chain blade then smashing into the ground. (Can only be activated midair)
Chain Revolver/Blade Skill
Over Strike
  • Upon activating Over Strike, skill attack power increases.


Class Level Required Base Skill
Black Massacre 99 Bloody Spike

Skill Information

Mode Rotating Blow (Physical) Max Hits MP Usage Cooldown
PvE 747% 5 100 MP 10 Seconds
PvP 283%

Skill Traits

Empowered Bloody Spike Critical Bloody Spike
Attribute Effect Attribute Effect Details
MP Usage
Damage increased to 120% MP Usage increased to 120%
Skill will ignore 50% defense (25% defense in PvP)
120 MP

Total Damage

Mode Regular Over Strike
Normal Empowered Normal Empowered
PvE 3,735% 4,482% 4,482% 5,378.4%
PvP 1,415% 1,698% 1,698% 2,037.6%

Related Skills

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Date Changes
05/17/2018 06/14/2018
  • [Mod] Bloody Spike added.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 블러디 스파이크 Bloody Spike
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified Chinese) 血腥截击 Bloody Snatch
French Flag.png France Épine sanglante Bloody Thorn
Bresil Flag.png Brazil Anel de Sangue Blood Ring

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